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More of This, Less of That, 2015

In no particular order: More reading quality fiction…..Less scouring the internet for things about which to be outraged. More cleaning my house…..Less wondering why no one is cleaning my house. More open, honest conversations with open, honest people…..Less beating my … Continue reading

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She runs

I have been sedentary all of my life.  My idea of a good time as a little girl was to sit on the front porch pouring over a stack of National Geographic magazines, or perhaps cutting paper dolls out of … Continue reading

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Has endless winter ended?

I’m hopeful. I can hear a flock of birds outside my kitchen window and it’s supposed to get up to 70 today.  Maybe spring has come to stay. One of my dearest friends is coming to visit tomorrow, along with … Continue reading

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Who do you want to be?

Today I made a remark about wanting to be a good person and the friend I was speaking to said, “What does that even mean?  How do you define good?”  And you know what?  Not only was that a “good” … Continue reading

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On my high school reunion: “Time makes you bolder”

As I wrote in my “mean girls” post, my 30th high school reunion was this past weekend.  I’ve gone to all of our reunions, but not like this.  In the past I’ve always gone with my husband;  only attended the … Continue reading

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This is my mom. This was her life.

My mom was always writing, and she saved everything.  Prayer lists, calendars with notations, journals, letters – it was all a record of her life, and she kept it all.  Mom always hoped to write a book about her “adventures”, … Continue reading

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An open letter to my children, on my 25th anniversary

Your dad and I have been married for 25 years today. Pretty crazy, isn’t it? When did I get so old? And why didn’t you plan a party? I’m just kidding: we didn’t expect a party. However, you might consider … Continue reading

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When Death Comes, Love Means Showing Up

“I don’t really understand what the grieving are going through,” I’ve said many times. “I’ve never lost anyone very close to me.” I will never say that again. My mother died last week. It was sudden and shocking to us, … Continue reading

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Civil Religion Repost: Toy Story 3: As Childhood Ends the Search for Identity Continues

Tomorrow my oldest child leaves for a 6 month volunteer stint at Lee Abbey in London.  The thought of not being in the same room with him, of not seeing him play with his little sisters, of not being able … Continue reading

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Favorite Moment of the Weekend: Dad’s Story

My father told us a story about a wedding he performed recently.  The couple, ages 93 and 95, were residents of a nursing home that Dad visits frequently.  Despite their advanced years, they insisted on premarital counseling (!) before the … Continue reading

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