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More of This, Less of That, 2015

In no particular order: More reading quality fiction…..Less scouring the internet for things about which to be outraged. More cleaning my house…..Less wondering why no one is cleaning my house. More open, honest conversations with open, honest people…..Less beating my … Continue reading


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Of movies, and another kind of shame

And now for something completely different. It’s sort of a weird coincidence that I wrote about shaming last week, and today I want to tell you about my 2013 movie List of Shame.  The name is not my idea, but … Continue reading

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Cooking Like I Mean It, Month 1

I am not a a terrible cook, but I am an unenthusiastic one.  The only time I really take pleasure in cooking is around holidays.  I love Christmas baking, and I enjoy putting together a big holiday dinner.  But the … Continue reading

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January First: 2011 Resolution Update

I quit giving resolution updates several months back, but it seems appropriate to revisit them one more time before I move on to my resolutions for 2012.  Resolution haters and cynics, move toward the exits now. 2011 Resolutions (you can … Continue reading

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All the things I’ve missed this week (and Mr. T, too!)

I’ve been missing all kinds of things this week that are blog worthy.  Granted it’s been an unusual week for all of us, but I thought I’d catch up today. On Monday I should have posted my monthly May 1st … Continue reading

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April 1: Resolution Update

I’m not clever enough to pull off a joke, so I’m not going to try:  let’s get that right out of the way.  I was going to try to share an April poem with you; you know, something about buds … Continue reading

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