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At Pride, in the name of love

I was at St Louis Pride this weekend. Saturday night, as I felt more and more anxious about being “outed” as a Pride attendee, I decided I needed to write about it; face my fear head on. I could tell … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom, Priorities and a Terrible Anniversary

My thoughts are a bit scattered today.  I’ve been remembering. Have you been paying attention to the news out of Indiana this week?  Gov. Pence just signed their Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law despite a loud outcry and threats … Continue reading

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Homeschoolers, we can do better

I’m going to keep my input short and sweet today, and then turn the mic over to the gentleman in the photo above.  That’s Kevin Swanson.  He’s a homeschool graduate and a homeschooling father of five, a minister in the … Continue reading

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With Exodus International’s Announcement, the Ex-gay Dominoes Keep Falling

When the impending closure of Exodus International was announced on June 19, it felt as if the staggering giant of ex-gay “reparative therapy” ministries had finally collapsed.  Exodus International was an institution among evangelical Christians; a 37 year old ministry … Continue reading

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My comments were deleted (so I’m writing a post instead)

This is a first for me, I think.  I posted two comments at Christianity Today online, in response not to the article about the Boy Scouts’ policy change, but to other comments.  A couple of days later, poof, they were … Continue reading

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Just talk to me

I’ve gotten some hints through the grapevine that one of my recent posts – If we have to choose sides – was a bit concerning to some people.  If you read the post you know that I published it with … Continue reading

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If we have to choose sides…

It’s been over a month since I wrote the following post.  It came out of me in a burst of heartache and anger, and then…..I chickened out on posting it.  It seemed really bold when I wrote it, but as … Continue reading

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When is a Christian not a Christian?

Last week I wrote a paper on John Wesley’s sermon, “Catholic Spirit”.  It’s my favorite Wesley sermon because it argues so beautifully for unity in the church, a hobby horse I myself like to ride.  Across lines of doctrine, practice … Continue reading

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Believe Out Loud on Welcoming Gays in Church: Advertising Fail

Have you heard about the flack Sojourners is taking over rejecting an ad from Believe Out Loud?  Jim Wallis is the famous figure behind Sojourners, the leading progressive Christian political advocacy group.  I don’t want to spend loads of time … Continue reading

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