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First, Compassion: Compassion Fatigue Can Come Later

We’re exhausted.  My last post was written in the days immediately following the SCOTUS same sex marriage decision, and it seems the entire summer has been one long stream of public controversies, celebrity scandals, tragedies, disasters and culture war battles. … Continue reading

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Ken Ham spreads the good news (just kidding)

No. No, no, no, no, no. This is not how we “reach out” to atheists, people. For the record, I am well aware of the billboards that groups like the American Atheists and the Freedom from Religion Foundation have put … Continue reading

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Tragedy, Twitter and Teachable Moments

A note of correction before we go further:  This post was initially written based on incomplete information, having seen multiple reports that John Piper tweeted Job 1:19, in isolation.  That was incorrect.  He immediately followed that tweet with another, posting … Continue reading

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Christian leaders try to “explain” Sandy Hook (uh-oh)

Note:  I tiptoed in where angels fear to treat and wrote the following piece for Civil Religion on the Sandy Hook tragedy, or rather on how Christians respond. Let me admit this right up front: I don’t think I can … Continue reading

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Another tornado, and this one in my hometown

This is where I grew up and where my parents still live. Scott Joplin’s hometown, and the home of the Missouri State Fair. I went to Horace Mann Elementary School, and Smith Cotton High School, although my dad taught at … Continue reading

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We should have kept tighter reigns on this whole Christianity thing

It’s a real frustration to watch a yahoo like Harold Camping make Christianity look foolish.  How do you convince people that he doesn’t represent the whole church?  Not the first time we’ve been down this road is it?  Ahem, Terry … Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm of Absurdity: Terry Jones comments on Harold Camping

Just when you think today’s cup-o-crazy can’t possibly hold more, there’s this: Among those people who said they refused to get caught up in the hysteria was Florida pastor Terry Jones, who has generated controversy by burning, and threatening to … Continue reading

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