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Did I overshare? Have some links.

It got really quiet last week, after I put up that last post.  Maybe I should have given that one a bit more forethought, at least before sharing it on Facebook. Oh, well, what’s done is done.  I’m putting together … Continue reading

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Spring, wonderful spring

I’ve written a lot of very serious posts lately, and I have another serious one in the works.  But daily life has actually been light and happy this spring.   The weather has been unpredictable but we enjoy the warm sunny … Continue reading

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I don’t hit and I try not to yell

My last post may have left some people wondering where, exactly, I stand on spanking.    Since I’ve openly criticized certain parenting philosophies, I want to be honest about how I’ve disciplined my own children, and how my practices have evolved … Continue reading

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Whedon Seminar, Session 3

Update:  Links to Sessions 1 & Session 2 This was such a good experience for me.  Have I expressed that enough times?  Let me say it again:  speaking on Joss Whedon at the Imaginarium was one of the highlights of … Continue reading

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The Soul Toupee

I’m currently reading We Learn Nothing by Tim Krieder.  I found it while fritzing around in the new book section of the library, and it was a good find indeed.  It’s funny, which I expected from the cover, but it’s … Continue reading

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Because I’ve been keeping it clean around here….

I decided to post about “Fifty Shades of Grey” over at Civil Religion.  I haven’t actually read the books, so feel free to throw fruit at me for being the kind of person who writes about books she hasn’t read.  … Continue reading

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John Stott: “A walking embodiment of the simple beauty of Jesus”

Fifteen years or so ago I purchased a copy of The Cross of Christ by John Stott.  I’d heard his name, knew he was “famous” in evangelicalism, but had never read any of his writings.  It took only a chapter … Continue reading

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Another Site to Love: Better Book Titles

Better Book Titles = Comedy Gold A little cheeky, a little subversive.

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Book Review: The Sword of the Lord

Note:  Earlier this spring I received a pdf pre-release copy of Andrew Himes’s book The Sword of the Lord:  The Roots of Fundamentalism in an American Family.  The book’s official release date is May 16th, and my review follows: Andrew … Continue reading

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A Year in the Life of Me

I was reading this article on the tendency to fictionalize memoirs (et tu, Greg Mortenson????) when I came across this particular line:  “And for most of us, A Year in the Life of Me is too dull to pitch to … Continue reading

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