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What’s my drug of choice?

Here’s a hint:  I’m using it, right now. I’ve decided to write another post about the state of my mental health, because nothing breaks up a party like saying, “How are you?” and having someone reply with, “Well, my therapist … Continue reading

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Here’s why you should like the Facebook page (unless you have already)

See that fancy new thing on the right side of the page?  See the thumbnails of some of my delightful friends?  I created a Facebook page for this blog, and I’m hoping you’ll click that like button and join me … Continue reading

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A footnote on modesty: Why no one gets to drop the mic

I received more responses than usual to the modesty post, both here and on Facebook.  Thank you!  Some of you had follow up questions challenging me to propose an alternative to what I was critiquing, especially in regard to parenting.  … Continue reading

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Talking back to patriarchy

Last week I had the great pleasure of joining a group of Cornerstone friends in Indianapolis.  We decided that the end of the fest didn’t have to be the end of us, and so we had an Imaginarium Meetup, organized … Continue reading

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Did I overshare? Have some links.

It got really quiet last week, after I put up that last post.  Maybe I should have given that one a bit more forethought, at least before sharing it on Facebook. Oh, well, what’s done is done.  I’m putting together … Continue reading

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Tragedy, Twitter and Teachable Moments

A note of correction before we go further:  This post was initially written based on incomplete information, having seen multiple reports that John Piper tweeted Job 1:19, in isolation.  That was incorrect.  He immediately followed that tweet with another, posting … Continue reading

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Speaking of Joss Whedon and Cats

Really, this is a totally natural segue from yesterday’s post. And the “personality” of my blog still needs to lighten up sometimes.       So Whedon has got this goin’ on: Just a few more weeks, yo!  And so … Continue reading

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If you’ve come here through a link….please stay! (And why I keep blogging)

Is this shameless enough for ya? My site views have bounced recently, due to being linked by love, joy, feminism and Karen Campbell of Relationship Homeschooling.  I’ve experienced this before and I know that the bounce is unlikely to last … Continue reading

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Just talk to me

I’ve gotten some hints through the grapevine that one of my recent posts – If we have to choose sides – was a bit concerning to some people.  If you read the post you know that I published it with … Continue reading

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Pastor Who of What Now?

You may have noticed that I’m posting more frequently.  I’ve detected a distinct correlation.  The more I post, the more views there are on my blog.  Aha!  What an insight!  So I’m trying.  And when it comes to writing, it’s … Continue reading

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