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My life is an open book

I was talking to one of the older ladies at church on Saturday and asked her about a medical procedure she had undergone last week.  I followed the question with, “If you don’t mind my asking.”  She laughed and said, … Continue reading

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I Was Born on the Side of a Hill

If you love screwball comedies as much as I do, you can instantly identify the source for this post title.  Tonight we got to see that wonderful movie – Bringing Up Baby –  at a church movie night, at the … Continue reading

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Using the Bible to Support Aboliton – and Slavery

I’m currently reading a book called The Sword of the Lord:  The Roots of Fundamentalism in an American Family by Andrew Himes.   I snagged the opportunity to read it for review before publication, and I am loving it.  American history, … Continue reading

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Batman? Spiderman? Huh???

Read this and be thoroughly, delightfully confused. Found in a Chinese dimestore, and “borrowed” from Mockingbird

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Still Being Lazy: Cute Kids Discuss Gaddafi

It is Gaddafi, right?  Remember the old days when we spelled his name with a “k”? Hey, internet!  Striker’s team is now 7-0!  And she’s scored a very nice left-footed goal tonight.  Makes a mother proud. It’s still phoning-it-in week … Continue reading

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Awkward Enough for Ya?

Baph showed this to me yesterday.  It’s a particular kind of brilliant:  so awkward it makes my teeth hurt.  Maybe I can make your teeth hurt, too? From the folks at Good Neighbor

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I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of My Own Talking

We had another wild storm last night.  It woke me up at 1:00 a.m. and I didn’t go back to sleep until 3:00.  This post was written during that time.  It’s the sort of thoghts I have when I’m not … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday News Item

I’m drinking a Diet Mountain Dew and eating Milk Duds while watching television.  What are you all up to on this sunny afternoon? Yesterday I felt inspired, but today I’m back to being lazy.  So here’s this: Thou shalt not … Continue reading

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When Music Videos Ruled the World: Billy Squier

My freshman year of college my best friend and I controlled the tv lounge in our dorm – at least late at night.  There were no physical intimidation involved and no money changed hands.  My friend just had such force … Continue reading

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No Shame in Being a Soccer Mom

I am the mother of a high school athlete, now that Striker is playing on the jv soccer team.  I’m even a member of the booster club!  I’m tempted to say something sarcastic about that, but the truth is, I’m … Continue reading

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