Blogging Weirdness: SouleMama has a blog stalker

image courtesy vickyhowell.blogspot.comThis is SouleMama.  She is  a very successful mommy blogger, and I’m sure, a lovely person.  I mentioned her just once before, in a post on the insecurities that certain mommy blogs arouse in me.  I am not a regular reader of SouleMama’s blog, and as I said, I only mentioned her once.  But I made an interesting discovery today while skimming through the search engine terms that have brought people to my blog.  Someone is obsessed with SouleMama.

Alright, balloon poppers, let’s get this out of the way:  I realize that there may be many people behind these search terms.  But it’s far more interesting to imagine only one.  Just one lone mother out there somewhere, initially inspired by and enamored with SouleMame, before sliding into cynicism, resentment and (I predict) quiet suburban madness.

Here is the drama, unedited.  All lines in italics are search engine terms.

Great blogs about life SouleMama

How to become SouleMama?
How does SouleMama do so much?  Is it really possible?
Is SouleMama real?

SouleMama blog criticisms
SouleMama criticize
How much does SouleMama make?

SouleMama depressing

SouleMama makes me feel bad

If you’re out there, obsessed and depressed, please listen to me.  You’re just looking to the wrong examples.  No, it’s not possible for most of us to do what SouleMama does.  You’re being seduced by the adorableness of that baby’s handmade hat, I know; blinded by the succulence of the home grown vegetables on SouleMama’s site.  But look to me, and you will feel much better.  I started painting my living room in May of 2010, and it was finished in June of this year (well, mostly, don’t look too closely).  That’s right, it took me over a year to paint one room and a hallway and it never would have been finished if Striker and Mr. Right hadn’t taken over.  This last week I hung family pictures for the first time since starting the painting project.  And you’d be amazed how proud I am for hanging pictures, a year and half after they came off the walls.  I’m as proud as if I’d just knitted a hat or planted a garden.  The important thing is just to set your sights a little lower, or a lot lower if necessary.

As for SouleMama herself, it must be strange to know that you have such an effect on someone else.  It’s the price of fame, I suppose.  I was surprised enough at seeing this search engine term:  Sharon Autenrieth email.  “Hey!” I thought, “Someone wants to send me an email!  Weird.”  Still, I think I can be confident that I’m not driving anyone to envy or self-loathing.  No one is out there obsessively wondering, “Is Strange Figures real?  How does she do so much?  Is it even possible?”  No, no one is sinking into madness on my account.  So, yay me!  I feel like I just wove a basket or built a chicken coop!


About Sharon Autenrieth

Wife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Christian Education Director, idealist, malcontent, follower of Jesus.
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2 Responses to Blogging Weirdness: SouleMama has a blog stalker

  1. Syl says:

    Hahahaha! I’m so GLAD you’re not another SouleMama. The world isn’t big enough for two.


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