Here’s why you should like the Facebook page (unless you have already)

facebook_like_button_blue-625x1000See that fancy new thing on the right side of the page?  See the thumbnails of some of my delightful friends?  I created a Facebook page for this blog, and I’m hoping you’ll click that like button and join me on Facebook.

Why add this accoutrement to my blog?  I’ve got three good reasons.

1)  Facebook allows for a greater sense of community.

I know some people hate Facebook, and for some fine reasons.  But over a billion of us show up there, many of us daily.  Some of us several times a day, but that’s all I’ll say about that before you realize one of the reasons I’m attention deficit.

I’ve been sharing my blog posts with my Facebook friends for years, and I’ve noticed that most of the feedback has been there, and not here in the comment section.  I love you, commenters, and I’m not trying to diss you.  I have cherished every comment I’ve received here – even the crazy spammy ones that sound like they’ve been translated in and out of English several times.  But in the case of this last post, for example – the one about Miley Cyrus – I got one comment here at the blog.  On Facebook, on my profile, I got 11 comments.  It was also shared by a number of people, and that produced other comments – some of which I was able to read and.  I really do want to have conversations with people; I want to hear reactions, want to be challenged, want to understand different points of view.  And for whatever reason, people are just a lot chattier on Facebook than they are here.  If you prefer commenting here, great.  Please see my comment policy, and carry on.  I will reply to you!  But I’m also going to get in touch with the remainder of the billion who won’t converse with me here on the blog.

2)  Facebook will allow me to easily share other good stuff with you.

Sometimes I read something that I think would be interesting to talk about, but a full blog post doesn’t result.  Or something seems to connect thematically with a post that I’ve already written.  Or one of my Zeke film friends writes a terrific piece that I’d like to pass on.  All of that is easy to share on a Facebook page.  Enough said – that one is pretty obvious.

3)  The “experts” say it will boost my readership.

Yes, that’s totally self serving, but it’s the straight dope.  You see, I recently had a revelation.  Did you know that if you float over the share button at the bottom of a blog post it will show you how many times it has already been shared?  You did?  I didn’t.  Somehow I missed this incredibly not-hidden feature on Word Press.  Mr. Right showed it to  me yesterday and I suddenly realized that some of my posts have been shared on Facebook a lot.  I mean, a lot by my standards anyway!  My Miley Cyrus post has been shared 146 times.  My first post on modesty was shared 251 times!  I had no idea.   And so I thought…maybe….I….should….take this thing a bit more seriously.  Not that I’m trying to “monetize” it or anything.  I’ve gone to a lot of effort not to monetize anything I do in life, so why change that now?  What I mean is, I love to write, I love the opportunities for conversation, relationships, and my own personal growth that result.  So what the heck.  Let’s do what the experts suggest and try to build the readership.  The more the merrier.

So those are my reasons.  Not earth shaking, and we’ll have to see how this actually pans out.  I will try to strike the balance between posting regularly and drowning you with stuff.  How about giving it a shot?  If I get on your nerves you can always unlike me again.

By the way, the profile picture on the Strange Figures page is, of course, the beautiful Bee.  I love that picture.  She has such a “Let’s cut the bull and just talk straight” expression on her face.  And that’s sort of what I want for my blog, and for my Facebook page.  Not harsh, but honest, open – a little bit fearless because we’re choosing to trust each other and put ourselves on the line.  That’s how we grow.   That’s how progress is made.

But as always, I reserve the right to occasionally abandon noble purposes and post cat videos.  And did you know the Internet Cat Video Festival starts today?


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Wife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Christian Education Director, idealist, malcontent, follower of Jesus.
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7 Responses to Here’s why you should like the Facebook page (unless you have already)

  1. Shameless self promotion….. 😉


  2. jubilare says:

    But… facebook. 😛 it stresses me out.


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