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The Rat that Roared: Terry Jones

Note:  I’ve just discovered that Christopher Hitchens wrote a post about Jacques Chirac in 2003, called “The Rat That Roared”.  I’ve never read it, but it is kind of a strange coincidence, since I quote Hitchens in this post.  It’s … Continue reading

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Good to Know

Thanks to Mark Shea for sharing this.  I think we’re all better for it.

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One More Reason to Love the Internet: Stephen Colbert does “Friday”

Because I’m watching on the internet what I missed on TV.  This makes me laugh. I never said that my tastes were sophisticated.

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Pointed Humor from The Sacred Sandwich

I’ve been to a party today – the wedding of a friend’s daughter.  It’s left me tired, but happy.  Love conquers all. But since I’ve got to post something, I’ll post a few items from the Sacred Sandwich that seem … Continue reading

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April 1: Resolution Update

I’m not clever enough to pull off a joke, so I’m not going to try:  let’s get that right out of the way.  I was going to try to share an April poem with you; you know, something about buds … Continue reading

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Hell, Part 2 (or is it 3 now?): The Q and A with Johnnie Moore

Hey, the Q & A follow up to Rev. Moore’s op-ed piece is up at Civil Religion, if you’re interested.  I grow weary of talking about hell, even though a few people have pointed out that I have yet to … Continue reading

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How About a Little Moore on Hell? (Johnnie Moore, That Is)

That is a bad pun.  I wouldn’t use it at Civil Religion, but I have less dignity here. After I wrote on Rob Bell and hell….which makes me ponder other bad puns about “hell’s bells”….anyway, after I put up that … Continue reading

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Holy Cow! I’ve Been Freshly Pressed!

It started like any other blogging day….I woke up to 14 site views, which is actually quite good for early morning.  A little while later I opened my email to see a series of messages like this:  “Please moderate:  When … Continue reading

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Happy Belated Birthday, Flannery O’Connor

I missed your birthday, dear sister, just like I missed our brother, Dietrich’s.  I need to buy one of those little birthday reminder books they sell at the Hallmark store.  Your birthday was March 25th, and here I am only … Continue reading

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Favorite Moment of the Weekend: Dad’s Story

My father told us a story about a wedding he performed recently.  The couple, ages 93 and 95, were residents of a nursing home that Dad visits frequently.  Despite their advanced years, they insisted on premarital counseling (!) before the … Continue reading

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