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After we stop shaming, how will we talk about sex?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last month thinking about virginity. It all started with a post I read at Rachel Held Evan’s blog entitled Do Christians Idolize Virginity. Rachel’s post was the first I read on the … Continue reading

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The problem with the church is me

If you are part of the “institutional” church, as I am, it’s hard not to feel defensive these days.  The church seems to be under constant criticism, if not outright assault.  This is nothing new, I suppose, but what once … Continue reading

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On women reading the Bible

I thought about leaving this topic alone.  All day yesterday, as I saw the subject popping up on one site after another, I deliberately kept away from this blog; didn’t allow myself to start drafting a response in my head.  … Continue reading

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Link Salad

I’ve got things to share, and none of them were created by me.  There are things on my mind, that I’d like to write about.  Like a defense of church, despite how screwed up it is.   And an exploration … Continue reading

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Thank God for catholic parents!

This is a post for the Rally to Restore Unity.  Check out other posts and consider donating to the great charity the rally is supporting. Rachel Held Evans is holding a Rally to Restore Unity on her blog this week.  … Continue reading

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