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Speaking of Joss Whedon and Cats

Really, this is a totally natural segue from yesterday’s post. And the “personality” of my blog still needs to lighten up sometimes.       So Whedon has got this goin’ on: Just a few more weeks, yo!  And so … Continue reading

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Movies 2012: The Best and Worst (of what I saw)

It’s that time again.  When I started contemplating an end of the year movie list a few weeks ago I had two thoughts, both of which turned out to be wrong.  The first was that I hadn’t seen many movies … Continue reading

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Whedon Seminar, Session 3

Update:  Links to Sessions 1 & Session 2 This was such a good experience for me.  Have I expressed that enough times?  Let me say it again:  speaking on Joss Whedon at the Imaginarium was one of the highlights of … Continue reading

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Whedon Seminar, Session 2

I’ve been all caught up in the first week of school, but I haven’t forgotten that I  need post the rest of the Whedon seminar from the Imaginarium at Cornerstone. (Here’s a link to Session 1, if you missed it) … Continue reading

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Joss Whedon Seminar: Session 1

Hey, look!  I’m on the YouTubes! This is the first of three sessions from the Imaginarium at the Cornerstone Festival, on the war against evil in the Whedonverse.  The sessions were held in a tent, in in the middle of … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Whedon

I  miss blogging.  I remember those long, lazy days last year when I was posting several times a week.  Sigh.  I don’t think they’ll be coming back anytime soon.  Late winter and early spring were eaten up by the classes … Continue reading

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If I had time to write about movies, I’d write about “Higher Ground” and “The Tree of Life”

But I have no time.  Again!  It’s very frustrating.  Makes me want to swear in Chinese (I’ve been rewatching Firefly lately).  It’s so rare to find a movie that gives real weight to spiritual questions and is a truly great … Continue reading

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Post-Cornerstone Reflections

We returned from our 17th Cornerstone Festival on Monday.  It’s amazing how long it takes me to recover each year.  One week of Cornerstone equals at least one week of fatigue and mental confusion.  But it’s worth it. A few … Continue reading

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