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From the Archives: The (Ordinary) Radical Christian

The topic of being radically saved is back, with an article at Christianity Today called Here Come the Radicals!  Books like Radical and Not a Fan are getting lots of play these days.  I tried reading “Radical” and it weighed … Continue reading

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On women reading the Bible

I thought about leaving this topic alone.  All day yesterday, as I saw the subject popping up on one site after another, I deliberately kept away from this blog; didn’t allow myself to start drafting a response in my head.  … Continue reading

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Good Lists. Read them.

Not much time today, between school work and getting ready to go camping.  Yes, camping.  And I’m a person who figures if I sit on the deck for a few minutes, I’ve spent time in nature.  One of Cheesy’s friends … Continue reading

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Eastertide: N.T. Wright on how Christians should celebrate

Boy am I tired.  My father’s surgery went well and I was home in time to catch Striker’s soccer game this evening.  They’re 11-0 now, thank you very much. In keeping with the Eastertide theme, here’s a passage from N.T. … Continue reading

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The Ordinary (Radical) Christian

Yesterday I read a post called Demythologizing “Radical” Christianity at the Internet Monk.  A few paragraphs in, I was disagreeing vehemently with the post.  It seemed to be both promoting complacency and demonstrating contempt for passionate Christians.  But I don’t … Continue reading

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Other Things to Read, If You’re Reading My Blog

My blog stats have fallen off the cliff over the last few days.  I’m sorry to say that one pays attention to such things, when one blogs.  At times like these I have to do my usual gut-check:  why do … Continue reading

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Three Good Reads on a Monday Morning

My Google reader is giving generously this morning and I want to share a little of the bounty.  I am, once again, jealous of Simcha Fisher’s writing.  Only this time she’s not being funny – which is what usually makes … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know Why You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Hey, you found me!  Meet the new blog.  Not quite the same as the old blog, but mighty close. Had a lovely afternoon with friends we rarely see.  Like us, they are Cornerstone regulars and they don’t actually live that … Continue reading

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