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Homeschoolers, we can do better

I’m going to keep my input short and sweet today, and then turn the mic over to the gentleman in the photo above.  That’s Kevin Swanson.  He’s a homeschool graduate and a homeschooling father of five, a minister in the … Continue reading

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If you’ve come here through a link….please stay! (And why I keep blogging)

Is this shameless enough for ya? My site views have bounced recently, due to being linked by love, joy, feminism and Karen Campbell of Relationship Homeschooling.  I’ve experienced this before and I know that the bounce is unlikely to last … Continue reading

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What I should have said 13 years ago

It was one of my first homeschool meetings, an evening devoted to people like myself:  the rookies. Three veteran couples were there to encourage us, answer our questions, and give us the benefit of their experience. I don’t recall much … Continue reading

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For Self-examination: Why do I poke the hornet’s nest?

A homeschooling friend posted this link to Facebook without comment.  The gist of the article from the Atlantic is that more Christian homeschoolers are asking for “mainstream science in their children’s curricula”.  Another friend shared the link but commented that … Continue reading

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Homeschooling and the Social Contract

When the school buses started running a few weeks ago, when the classrooms filled with students carrying new backpacks stuffed with supplies, my two youngest children stayed at home.  We started another year of homeschooling. There are nearly 2 million … Continue reading

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Fun with Fish at The Nature Institute

Another field trip day.  Today Cheesy, Bee and I went to The Nature Institute in Godfrey to learn about fish.  I have to say, it was much more fun than I expected.  The guide, Miss Patty, was full of fun … Continue reading

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Unruly Mob of Homeschoolers Terrorizes Borders’ Patrons

Yes, it was Moms’ Night Out tonight.  How can one table full of respectable looking women be so loud?  Every month it’s the same thing – we settle into the cafe’ area and within a few minutes the tables around … Continue reading

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Time4Learning Curriculum Review

As you may recall, I received a free one month membership with Time4Learning in exchange for a review.  The girls and I have been using the curriculum for a month now and I’m ready to share my thoughts.  I’ll begin … Continue reading

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Illinois SB 136: Heck of a Job, Maloney

I live in one of the most homeschool-friendly states in the country.  In Illinois a homeschooling family is considered a private school.  We are not accountable to the local school district, not required to register our children as homeschoolers with … Continue reading

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And Now a Word on Education from Sir Ken Robinson

Busy, busy day.  Had a children’s ministries meeting at church this morning, then lunch with friends.  Tonight we have a youth group trivia fundraiser.  I have high hopes for a 3-peat.  In light of the busy day, I’m sharing a … Continue reading

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