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Homeschoolers, we can do better

I’m going to keep my input short and sweet today, and then turn the mic over to the gentleman in the photo above.  That’s Kevin Swanson.  He’s a homeschool graduate and a homeschooling father of five, a minister in the … Continue reading

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Talking back to patriarchy, part 2: Watch your language!

Complementarian, egalitarian, Christian feminist, biblical patriarchy…do you automatically attach negative connotations to any of those words?  Or positive?  Do any of them sound hopelessly arcane, or jargony?  I tossed around all of those terms in my last post and I … Continue reading

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On letting my feminist flag fly

If someone were to go back and read everything I’ve written on the subject of gender over the last 25 years – a tedious sounding enterprise if ever there was one – they’d be able to see shifts in my … Continue reading

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