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A footnote on modesty: for my children

There are definitely pitfalls in the teaching of modesty, and I appreciate you opening them up for consideration and discussion. In the past such criticism has made me uncomfortable, firstly because I fear a straw-man representation of the culture I … Continue reading

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My comments were deleted (so I’m writing a post instead)

This is a first for me, I think.  I posted two comments at Christianity Today online, in response not to the article about the Boy Scouts’ policy change, but to other comments.  A couple of days later, poof, they were … Continue reading

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From the Archives: The (Ordinary) Radical Christian

The topic of being radically saved is back, with an article at Christianity Today called Here Come the Radicals!  Books like Radical and Not a Fan are getting lots of play these days.  I tried reading “Radical” and it weighed … Continue reading

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After we stop shaming, how will we talk about sex?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last month thinking about virginity. It all started with a post I read at Rachel Held Evan’s blog entitled Do Christians Idolize Virginity. Rachel’s post was the first I read on the … Continue reading

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Other Things to Read, If You’re Reading My Blog

My blog stats have fallen off the cliff over the last few days.  I’m sorry to say that one pays attention to such things, when one blogs.  At times like these I have to do my usual gut-check:  why do … Continue reading

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On the Naming of My Children

This time I’m referring to my children’s real-world names, not their blog names.  And I still won’t reveal them.  But I read an interesting little article at Christianity Today online about whether there is spiritual impact to giving children biblical … Continue reading

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