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I love this xkcd comic!

HAHAHAHA!!! By the way, Striker’s team is now 9-0.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

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About Those Celebrity Baby Names….

I almost forgot about the quiz in this post.  If I had a valuable cash prize I’d give it to my sister, who at least made an attempt. Here are the answers: 1.  Sosie Ruth – daughter of Kevin Bacon … Continue reading

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I’m Too Tired to Write

I think I’m coming down with something.

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I’m feeling down and I don’t want embarrass myself by blogging while blue (or blogging blue, which would be another kind of embarrassment). I’m going to go think of things to be grateful for and try to put my game … Continue reading

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I’m Okay with Baby Steps

I have my local minister’s license now.  Or I will once the district superintendent signs off on it.  But I think I’m good there:  I don’t think I’ve ever done anything to cause Dr. Spruce to disqualify me.  Having my … Continue reading

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Need a Good Mechanic?

I know one.  Baph, Cheesy, Bee and I had the pleasure of attending the ribbon cutting for our friend Russ’s shop today.  I’ve never gotten to see the giant scissors up close before:  they look like big plastic safety scissors, … Continue reading

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Our Yard-Rink is an Added Feature, Thank You Very Much

Take a significant amount of snow, melt it just a bit, then follow with a good hard freeze.  Don’t shovel or salt it, for heaven’s sake, because that would just ruin the outcome.  Do this right and you can skate … Continue reading

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Twisting My Night Away

This is what I did with my evening yesterday: It takes a few hours and a lot of episodes of Avatar:  The Last Airbender to get all that hair twisted, and I know it’s not as nicely done as if … Continue reading

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Bonhoeffer’s Birthday (One Day Late)

It’s snowing again this morning.  We are certainly having a gen-u-ine, proper winter this year.  None of this trying-to-make-a snowman-in-1/2-an-inch-of-snow like in years past.  The people who are sick of winter weather are starting to turn on the people who … Continue reading


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A Thoroughly Random Movie Quotes Quiz

Today’s Post Dispatch includes an article on the movie quotes that have “made their way into everyday life”, which got me thinking about the movie quotes that I use most often.  And given my fondness for both movies and quotes, … Continue reading

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