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Movies 2011: The Best and Worst (of what I watched)

One of my friends asked me to post a list of my favorite movies from this year.  Wasn’t that nice?  I appreciate someone wanting my opinion, and I shall not disappoint him.  The complication is, unlike actual guilded film critics … Continue reading

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Pastors: Stay out of the bully pulpit

I’m taking “Exploring Christian Ministry” at the moment, and we’ve been on the subject of preaching this week.  This was one of our discussion forum questions, followed by my answer: How can we keep from crossing the line between coercion/manipulation … Continue reading

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Enjoy your Saturday

I’ll be back tommorow.

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I love this xkcd comic!

HAHAHAHA!!! By the way, Striker’s team is now 9-0.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

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About Those Celebrity Baby Names….

I almost forgot about the quiz in this post.  If I had a valuable cash prize I’d give it to my sister, who at least made an attempt. Here are the answers: 1.  Sosie Ruth – daughter of Kevin Bacon … Continue reading

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I’m Too Tired to Write

I think I’m coming down with something.

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I’m feeling down and I don’t want embarrass myself by blogging while blue (or blogging blue, which would be another kind of embarrassment). I’m going to go think of things to be grateful for and try to put my game … Continue reading

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