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When is a Christian not a Christian?

Last week I wrote a paper on John Wesley’s sermon, “Catholic Spirit”.  It’s my favorite Wesley sermon because it argues so beautifully for unity in the church, a hobby horse I myself like to ride.  Across lines of doctrine, practice … Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm of Absurdity: Terry Jones comments on Harold Camping

Just when you think today’s cup-o-crazy can’t possibly hold more, there’s this: Among those people who said they refused to get caught up in the hysteria was Florida pastor Terry Jones, who has generated controversy by burning, and threatening to … Continue reading

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Good Lists. Read them.

Not much time today, between school work and getting ready to go camping.  Yes, camping.  And I’m a person who figures if I sit on the deck for a few minutes, I’ve spent time in nature.  One of Cheesy’s friends … Continue reading

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Seriously, Superman?

Well, this is just lame: Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship Of course, these days one wonders whether he’d be able to prove he’s a citizen in the first place – at least to the satisfaction of some people. I’m quite open … Continue reading

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Good Christian Wives…..Keep Their Mouths Shut

Or so it would appear from this video. Thanks (yet again) to Matthew Paul Turner for sharing this video at his site.  It certainly is a vivid example of the disturbing capacity that the church has to make half of … Continue reading

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Is This the Worst Movie Trailer of All Time?

Maybe.  Or maybe just the worst Christian movie trailer of all time, but that qualifier may actually make things worse.  Believe me, I know from bad Christian movies.  I grew up watching Super Christian and Ordinary Guy in youth group, … Continue reading

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