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Reality TV explores the mysterious world of clergy families

I am a preacher’s daughter.  Does this make you wonder what wild rebellions I went through as a teen?  What scandals I brought on my family? My mom was a pastor’s wife.  Does this cause you to imagine her glamorous, … Continue reading

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For Self-examination: Why do I poke the hornet’s nest?

A homeschooling friend posted this link to Facebook without comment.  The gist of the article from the Atlantic is that more Christian homeschoolers are asking for “mainstream science in their children’s curricula”.  Another friend shared the link but commented that … Continue reading


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After we stop shaming, how will we talk about sex?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last month thinking about virginity. It all started with a post I read at Rachel Held Evan’s blog entitled Do Christians Idolize Virginity. Rachel’s post was the first I read on the … Continue reading

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An open letter to my children, on my 25th anniversary

Your dad and I have been married for 25 years today. Pretty crazy, isn’t it? When did I get so old? And why didn’t you plan a party? I’m just kidding: we didn’t expect a party. However, you might consider … Continue reading

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Only One More Sleep Til Christmas

I don’t want to go into Christmas Day with tragedy being what you see when you visit my blog.  It’s time to focus on the holy season again, and on the peculiar pleasures of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I … Continue reading

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Attack of the 50 foot schedule

I’m glad we had a day off yesterday, because today begins full-on schooling madness.  School started a few weeks ago, but it was a cake walk compared to what the next few months will be like.  We’ve slowly been adding … Continue reading

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Ten Years with B.Lake

I missed an important milestone last week.  April 18th was the anniversary of B.Lake’s arrival in the United States – his “Gotcha Day”.  Missing a Gotcha Day is not a big deal at our house, honestly.  With five children, birthdays … Continue reading

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Bee reads. I watch in wonder.

I mentioned in a post a few months ago that Bee was having a hard time with reading.  That was a bit of an understatement.  I talked to many of my friends about this – seeking advice from homeschool moms, … Continue reading

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7 Years Ago Today

November 29, 2004, I was at the hospital, welcoming Bee into the world. People occasionally assume I’m Bee’s grandmother – which I think is just mean, and awful, and stupid, and which always leaves me depressed for days.  But I … Continue reading

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In This Autumn

This Autumn Striker turned 16, B.Lake turned 13, and Cheesy  hit double digits.  In ten days Baph will be 20, and just eight days after that Bee will turn 7. This autumn Bee lost all four of her front teeth, … Continue reading

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