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Only One More Sleep Til Christmas

I don’t want to go into Christmas Day with tragedy being what you see when you visit my blog.  It’s time to focus on the holy season again, and on the peculiar pleasures of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I … Continue reading

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Dear Cornerstone: A Love Story (Part 2)

1995, again.  I’d spent the last year in a deep depression, which I hid fairly successfully most of the time.  At one point I tried to resign from a leadership position at church, telling the pastor that I was not … Continue reading

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Dear Cornerstone: A Love Letter (Part 1)

Today we returned from the last Cornerstone Festival.  I have trouble even writing that.  I want so much to believe a miracle is going to occur and, like George Bailey, the Festival will be saved by all those who love … Continue reading

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Ten Years with B.Lake

I missed an important milestone last week.  April 18th was the anniversary of B.Lake’s arrival in the United States – his “Gotcha Day”.  Missing a Gotcha Day is not a big deal at our house, honestly.  With five children, birthdays … Continue reading


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Post-Cornerstone Reflections

We returned from our 17th Cornerstone Festival on Monday.  It’s amazing how long it takes me to recover each year.  One week of Cornerstone equals at least one week of fatigue and mental confusion.  But it’s worth it. A few … Continue reading

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When Music Videos Ruled the World: Billy Squier

My freshman year of college my best friend and I controlled the tv lounge in our dorm – at least late at night.  There were no physical intimidation involved and no money changed hands.  My friend just had such force … Continue reading

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No Shame in Being a Soccer Mom

I am the mother of a high school athlete, now that Striker is playing on the jv soccer team.  I’m even a member of the booster club!  I’m tempted to say something sarcastic about that, but the truth is, I’m … Continue reading

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When Music Videos Ruled the World: Journey

In a Facebook discussion about some high school hijinks – yes, I did just use the word “hijinks”, thank you very much – one of my old friends mentioned the song “Open Arms”.  She dropped the title like a bomb, … Continue reading

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