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There is something stronger than despair

I keep thinking about Matthew Warren and William Cowper; men divided by centuries but who might understand each other.  Matthew was the 27 year old son of pastor Rick Warren, and this past Friday Matthew took his own life.  This, … Continue reading

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For Eastertide: You Whose Name, by Czeslaw Milosz

Death is on our collective mind at the moment, and not just the death of Osama bin Laden.  His death seems to have stirred up again the grief and anger that we’ve suffered as a people over the last ten … Continue reading

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Other Things to Read, If You’re Reading My Blog

My blog stats have fallen off the cliff over the last few days.  I’m sorry to say that one pays attention to such things, when one blogs.  At times like these I have to do my usual gut-check:  why do … Continue reading

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For April, National Poetry Month: Search Engine Poems

Among the stats that Word Press shares with me are the search engine terms that lead people to this blog.  Some of them are banal.  I’ve had dozens of search terms connected to Illinois SB 136.  But some of them….well,  … Continue reading

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Happy Belated Birthday, Flannery O’Connor

I missed your birthday, dear sister, just like I missed our brother, Dietrich’s.  I need to buy one of those little birthday reminder books they sell at the Hallmark store.  Your birthday was March 25th, and here I am only … Continue reading

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George Herbert Will Do Quite Nicely

On a day when life is confusing and disheartening and I feel like griping my heart out to God….it’s nice to know that I can gripe my heart out to God.  Real love means telling the truth, even when it’s … Continue reading

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Comedy or Tragedy? I’ve Got a Bit of Both

It’s the weekend, which means most of you are doing better things than reading my blog.  I know that’s true because I follow my site stats, and every weekend they fall off of a cliff.  So I’ve decided it’s okay … Continue reading

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