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Bee reads. I watch in wonder.

I mentioned in a post a few months ago that Bee was having a hard time with reading.  That was a bit of an understatement.  I talked to many of my friends about this – seeking advice from homeschool moms, … Continue reading

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The joy of homeschool rabbit trails

This is how it works, on a day like today: 1.  A few days ago I posted a link to Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping”, which led to…. 2.  Hearing on Facebook how much a friend loved the song, which led to… 3.  … Continue reading

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Link Salad: September 1, 2011

I discovered that there are several sites called “Link Salad”, but I’m over trying to be original.  I went through enough of that trying to name my blog. In contention for Worst.  Idea. Ever.  PETA plans a porn site.  PETA … Continue reading

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What Divided Got Right

Thursday I addressed some of my problems with Divided, the new documentary about youth ministry.  In fairness, I want to agree with the film on one thing.  Parents have the primary responsibility to disciple their children in the faith.  As … Continue reading

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We Need to Have a Good Discussion About Youth Ministry. You Won’t Find It In “Divided”

I’ve been involved in youth ministry for 20 of the last 34 years.  Yep, I  did the math.  I racked up six years as a teenager, heavily involved in my church youth group, eight years as a lay youth leader … Continue reading

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From Mammoth to Muni

Here’s what I did today: 1)  Took the girls to see the Mammoth excavation site at Principia College.  Yay! 2)  Backed into another car while pulling out of my parking space at Principia.  Boo! 3)  Carefully critiqued discussion board comments … Continue reading

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Oh, what a day.

Not good.  B. Lake is on break from school and I spent  the bulk of my day trying to help him with his homework.  I like B. Lake’s teacher very much, but this schoolwork is ridiculous.  Why is my son … Continue reading

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April 1: Resolution Update

I’m not clever enough to pull off a joke, so I’m not going to try:  let’s get that right out of the way.  I was going to try to share an April poem with you; you know, something about buds … Continue reading

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Time4Learning Wants More Free-Trial Reviewers!

This morning Cheesy slept until almost 11:00 o’clock.  It’s so unusual for her to sleep past 7:30 that I figured her body must have needed the rest, and I let her be.  Bee asked to do her computer work first, … Continue reading

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March 1: Resolution Update

It’s March 1st, which means my birthday is two days away.  Ahem.  Just thought you should know.  I find that subtlety is overrated. My resolution to write about my resolutions at the beginning of every month is already starting to … Continue reading

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