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Attack of the 50 foot schedule

I’m glad we had a day off yesterday, because today begins full-on schooling madness.  School started a few weeks ago, but it was a cake walk compared to what the next few months will be like.  We’ve slowly been adding … Continue reading

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Cooking Like I Mean It, Month 1

I am not a a terrible cook, but I am an unenthusiastic one.  The only time I really take pleasure in cooking is around holidays.  I love Christmas baking, and I enjoy putting together a big holiday dinner.  But the … Continue reading

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Death By a Thousand Pecks

I should have known, I guess, but it’s only in hindsight that you see the warning signs.  It’s like the first bird perching behind you on the jungle gym.  How could you know that it’s only the first of a … Continue reading

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In This Autumn

This Autumn Striker turned 16, B.Lake turned 13, and Cheesy  hit double digits.  In ten days Baph will be 20, and just eight days after that Bee will turn 7. This autumn Bee lost all four of her front teeth, … Continue reading

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The joy of homeschool rabbit trails

This is how it works, on a day like today: 1.  A few days ago I posted a link to Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping”, which led to…. 2.  Hearing on Facebook how much a friend loved the song, which led to… 3.  … Continue reading

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Golden Moments in Parenting (Not for the Squeamish)

I posted this story on Facebook almost three years ago.  I reread it once every now and, and I always laugh.  Always.  It also leaves me feeling so, so lucky to be a parent.  Weird, but true. Don’t say I … Continue reading

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Blogging Weirdness: SouleMama has a blog stalker

This is SouleMama.  She is  a very successful mommy blogger, and I’m sure, a lovely person.  I mentioned her just once before, in a post on the insecurities that certain mommy blogs arouse in me.  I am not a regular … Continue reading

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When Resolutions Collide (and why I’ve been so quiet)

My parents called to check on me last night.  They were concerned because I’d gone three days without posting.  Well, I think that not posting may be the new normal.  I made a New Year’s Resolution to begin taking classes … Continue reading

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Why I Can’t Post Properly Today

Because I’m terribly behind on my homework. And, yes, I know that’s not homework in front of Jimmy Stewart.  But it kind of works, doesn’t it?  I could take this opportunity to talk about what a great movie “Mr. Smith … Continue reading

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Word from Your Mother

We are a low maintenance family when it comes to celebrating.  Here is an exchange I heard between Cheesy and a friend recently: Friend:  So what did you get from the Easter Bunny? Cheesy:  I got two little chocolate chickens … Continue reading

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