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Movies 2014: The Best and Worst (of what I saw)

I saw 57 movies that were released this year.  Despite my best efforts to keep up, I’ve missed a lot of high profile films, including some that might have made my Top 10 (most notably Boyhood and Whiplash). The list … Continue reading

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Why this church lady was at a movie about porn (and other “cultural engagement” riddles)

I went to see Don Jon last night.  If you’ve seen the trailer, you may have the same reaction a couple of my children did:  “You’re going to see that movie, Mom?  Seriously?”  Eye roll. There were only four other … Continue reading

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On Maundy Thursday

The arguments of the past several days – in court, on social media, among friends and family – have given new meaning to “Passion Week”.  But this is Maundy Thursday and my focus is on the last meal Jesus shared … Continue reading

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Mary’s Meditation: Preparation

Each Sunday through  this Advent a dramatic monologue from Mary’s point of view is included in our church service.  I was assigned to write two of them, and the first of mine was presented this morning.  The theme was “preparation”, … Continue reading

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Link Salad

I’ve got things to share, and none of them were created by me.  There are things on my mind, that I’d like to write about.  Like a defense of church, despite how screwed up it is.   And an exploration … Continue reading

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Win Win: The Struggle to Be Good

Saturday I provided the wheels for Striker, her new beau, and another friend to get to the movies.  They were going to see Soul Surfer.  In the car it became clear that Striker’s friend “Kennedy” was confused about the premise … Continue reading

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Westboro Baptist and the Challenge of Overcoming Evil with Good

The Cornerstone Festival, which my family attends every summer, often gets protesters.  Because we typically arrive early we seldom encounter them, but a few years ago we did have a lively time as we were slowly driving toward the main … Continue reading

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