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Her name is Supriya. We chose the name before we knew her.  I found it on a list of Indian names, with the meaning “deeply loved”, and I thought, “What could be more perfect than that? We were a quiet … Continue reading

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Of DCFS, HSLDA, and the day the social worker showed up

It was a beautiful spring evening, ten years ago.  We’d just finished eating dinner when an older woman knocked on our door and identified herself as an employee of the Department of Child and Family Services.  “Were you at Target … Continue reading

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I don’t hit and I try not to yell

My last post may have left some people wondering where, exactly, I stand on spanking.    Since I’ve openly criticized certain parenting philosophies, I want to be honest about how I’ve disciplined my own children, and how my practices have evolved … Continue reading


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“The Mistake I Made Was in the Words I Said”

Have you heard Todd Akin’s apology ad? The first time that I heard it I nearly laughed out loud at the last line; “The mistake I made was in the words I said, not in the heart I hold.” Yes. … Continue reading

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Ten Years with B.Lake

I missed an important milestone last week.  April 18th was the anniversary of B.Lake’s arrival in the United States – his “Gotcha Day”.  Missing a Gotcha Day is not a big deal at our house, honestly.  With five children, birthdays … Continue reading

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