Homeschoolers, we can do better

kevin swanson

I’m going to keep my input short and sweet today, and then turn the mic over to the gentleman in the photo above.  That’s Kevin Swanson.  He’s a homeschool graduate and a homeschooling father of five, a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, executive director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado, author of several homeschooling books, director of a Generations of Vision and host of Generations Radio, “the world’s largest homeschooling and Biblical worldview program.”

For the first time in ten years the Illinois Christian Home Educators is holding a conference down state, in my area.  There is a large and active Christian homeschool community down here, so it makes sense to bring some of the action here.

Kevin Swanson is the keynote speaker for the Southern Illinois Conference, adding one more to his long list of speaking engagements at homeschool conventions and conferences.

And now I’d like so let you hear from Swanson himself, on a wide variety of topics.  His podcasts are available online, so you can her much more, if you are so inclined.

Kevin Swanson on birth control

“I’m beginning to get some evidence from certain doctors and certain scientists that have done research on women’s wombs after they’ve gone through the surgery, and they’ve compared the wombs of women who were on the birth control pill to those who were not on the birth control pill. And they have found that with women who are on the birth control pill, there are these little tiny fetuses, these little babies, that are embedded into the womb. They’re just like dead babies. They’re on the inside of the womb. And these wombs of women who have been on the birth control pill effectively have become graveyards for lots and lots of little babies.”

Kevin Swanson on “disciplining” children (by which he means spanking with a rod)

“There are some children that need to be disciplined, and I’ve heard this from Godly parents, 20-30 times a day. Some children 20-30 times a day, 3,4,5,6 years in a row. It is just overwhelming for some parents.”

Kevin Swanson on having gay friends

“I don’t say, ‘I have many, many gay friends.’ It’s almost like saying, ‘I have many, many gay fornicators;’ ‘I have many, many gay liar friends;’ it’s just craziness. I just interviewed this guy who goes into maximum security prisons and he interviews serial killers and I appreciate this guy, he’s actually had an opportunity to talk to a number of then and he says some twenty-five percent of them actually do repent he thinks, and it’s wonderful to see their lives turn around. So I mean, you know, what does this guy say: ‘I have many, many serial killer friends.’ I don’t think he says that, he doesn’t say that. I think he says, ‘it’s a shameful thing to be a serial killer.’ You wouldn’t want to wear that on a t-shirt, you wouldn’t want to say ‘I have many, many friends who kill people.’”

Kevin Swanson on Obama and Islam

“These Muslims come in and kill our people so we elect a Muslim as President of the United States. Maybe not a pure Muslim but at least a man who has been very well indoctrinated, rooted, grounded and founded in Muslim theology and he is certainly more sympathetic to the Muslim religion than any other President we’ve ever had in the history of the nation. Five years after the Muslims came in and killed our people! There’s something odd about this, what’s going on here? We see the Muslims killing our people and so we elect a Muslim. Seems to me like we’re not turning back to the true and living God here, are we?”

Kevin Swanson on girls marrying at 15 or 16

“So see, again, the liberals are really excited about getting the kids doing as much fornication as possible. But the rest of us are saying, ‘Hey, what about God’s law? What about God’s law?’ By the way, nothing in God’s law that would prohibit a young girl who’s ready to get married, at 15 or 16 years of age — now it takes some wisdom, it takes some wisdom — but nothing in God’s law that forbids — it’s not like immoral. There’s nothing in God’s law: ‘it’s immoral for a 15 or 16 year old to get married.’”

Kevin Swanson on God’s fashion sense

“I brought up androgyny and how many young boys are running out and doing the metrosexual thing with the skinny pants and the little fairy shoes. They’re working on the gender blender for themselves and they don’t want to look like a man and God is just so upset, He hates it when man are not manly in their approach. 1 Corinthians 6 speaks about homosexuality and feminine behavior and feminine dress for men. God does not want men to be androgynous and feminine like in their approach; He gave them facial hair for a reason.”

Kevin Swanson on moms who work outside the home

“Because there are so many women in the work force, the women’s hearts are not home. There are far more men who say it would be better if moms could stay home because apparently the dads still care about the kids. The moms, it’s a lower percentage, Dave; 45% say it’d be better if moms were home, 67% of men say it would be better if moms were home, meaning there are far far more women- or far far more men- who say that it’d be better if moms were home because women care less about their children and about the influence they could have on their children because, Dave, I think they’re already in the work force and they certainly don’t want to say it’d be better if I were home. That’s the issue.”

Kevin Swanson on what you should do if you attend a gay wedding

“I draw a distinction between gay weddings and Neronic weddings… Neronic weddings is what Nero came up with when he said, let’s do same sex weddings.  However, I can make an exception. I think you can attend a wedding if you hold a up a sign that reads Leviticus 20:13…I think that would be appropriate. You could attend a wedding and hold up a sign with Leviticus 20:13. You know, word for word: ‘If a man sleeps with a man as he sleeps with a woman the two of them have committed an abomination and they shall both be put to death.’ You could attend a wedding and hold up that sign.”

Kevin Swanson on the Boy Scouts

(After Swanson’s radio co-host, David Buehner, suggested the Boy Scouts will soon add a sodomy merit badge)
Swanson: And after that I guess it’s incest; after that I guess it’s the cannibal merit badge, where I guess you cut up human flesh, fry it—
Buehner: Cook it in a Dutch oven out in the wilderness.
Swanson: So that’s what the Boy Scouts are doing, they are trying to add abomination on abomination, effectively going into God’s word, trying to find the thing that God really, really, really hates the most. The sins listed in the Bible, going through the lists of sins in the Bible, finding the very worst ones and creating merit badges for them is where the Boy Scouts are headed.

“Now remember, the goal is that these women have to be independent. The goal is lots and lots of birth control. The goal is lots and lots and lots of fornication. The goal is abortion. The day-after pill will help. And it will help a lot. Remember, the goal is to get that girl a job because she needs no stinkin’ husband, she’s got the fascist corporation and government-mandated insurance programs and socialist welfare that will take care of her womb to tomb. Who needs a cotton-pickin’ husband? Who needs a family? That’s pretty much the worldview that’s dominating, my friends. That’s what the college is all about.”

Kevin Swanson on what Democrats want

“This is the vision of the Democrats; get children abused, kill them in the womb as much as possible, be sure there are as many dysfunctional families as possible, as many homosexual families as possible and children abused as much as possible, so government can grow their child welfare services even more, so that they can kill more kids, so that more adults can commit adultery, so that more kids would be murdered, so that more kids would be abused, so more government would tax and regulate and tax and regulate to produce the worst possible hellhole on planet earth.”

Kevin Swanson on Sarah and Bristol Palin

“We’re just not quite sure a feminist governor from Alaska with a year’s experience in governance (not to mention her 17-year-old daughter pregnant out of wedlock doing her part to contribute to the further demise of the family), working for John McCain will do any more than GWB did to salvage the economy, halt the growth of government, repair the family, and quiet the Sodomites beating down our doors. Call it a breach in confidence. Oh well. At least her daughter wasn’t a lesbian.”

Okay, homeschool friends, I have a challenge for you.  The next time you want to blame the stereotype of homeschoolers as dangerous extremists on the liberal media or the teachers’ unions, remember Kevin Swanson.  Remember that he’s making a living off of us.  And then perhaps you should send an email to ICHE and let them know that we can do better.


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21 Responses to Homeschoolers, we can do better

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  2. AthenaC says:

    My jaw is on the floor. I am not sure why, but I continue to be surprised that there are ACTUALLY people out there that think like this.


  3. thatmom says:

    Sharon, you will love this story. About 6 or so years ago I had just listened to a podcast of Kevin Swanson where he waxed eloquent about daughters attending college and by the time my husband came through the front door I was livid. His assertion that women who go to college will “have two abortions by the time they are thirty” and will “sell their flesh cheap in the marketplace” was so over the top I couldn’t believe people might actually listen to him. I asked my husband, “What would it take for me to have my own podcast?” A couple months later I opened my Christmas present from him and it was a professional microphone and the promise of my own podcast! We are now approaching 120,000 downloads and every single day the podcasts and articles on patriocentricity and the NCFIC are downloaded! I am done trying to figure out how to deal with Illinois homeschooling politics! The internet makes it possible for one homeschooling mom at a time to speak the truth without censorship from the powers that be!!! Thanks for your voice in the mix!!!!!


  4. C.L. Dyck says:

    “Remember that he’s making a living off of us. And then perhaps you should send an email to ICHE and let them know that we can do better.”

    Thank you for that, Sharon… I’m in Canada, but we still see this stuff creeping up here through speakers hired from the USA. It’s even less useful and more divisive in our culture. We don’t have the same kind of cultural polarization here — not exactly. Instead, absorbing and accepting this kind of rhetoric without discernment immediately creates a synthetic polarization against our surrounding personal community. Doesn’t make for salt and light.


    • I’m sorry, I wish we’d keep our garbage to ourselves, at least!


      • C.L. Dyck says:

        Well, we’re the hosers that hire these goofballs. We oughta pay a bit more attention. 🙂

        I think the Canadian homeschoolers don’t really understand the full ramifications of what they’re getting into. Rather than Republican/Democrat stereotypes, our angst is over multiculturalism (the principle that guides much of contemporary interpretations of religious freedom rights and “hate speech” here) vs. secularism, which can be used to override open speech.

        So we tend to quietly applaud American boldness, but we can be a bit naive about it too. Boldness does not equate to truthiness.


      • +1 for the use of the word truthiness!


  5. jubilare says:

    This guy is sick… I think I’m in a similar shock-state as AthenaC. I know people whose views lean this way, and with whom I don’t agree, but thankfully I don’t know anyone this extreme in my home school community. “We can do better” might be the understatement of the year, but then it is early days…


  6. Kathi says:

    Guys like Swanson are the reason why I never got involved with Oregon’s Christian homeschool association. I met some of the leaders because a friend and I lead a homeschool group. Let’s just say that we only had our group listed with them because they knew our church. It always seemed like each year’s topics got farther and farther away from actually talking about homeschooling and it became more about home life and everyone’s roles. But, I was one of those “crazy” homeschoolers who actually wanted to learn practical advice about how to teach my children. They never got any more money from me after my first year of homeschooling.


    • I hear you, Kathi. I’ve decided I can’t rejoin our local Christian group after the line up of special speakers and special events this year. There are some wonderful people there, but I don’t want my daughters to pick up patriarchy at homeschool meetings when I’m working hard to raise them otherwise at home.


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  8. Newsgirl29 says:

    It just sickens me to read about views like this, I was home schooled since first grade and have BA from one of the top ranked regional colleges in the south that only went coed in ’05’. My christian college has been around since 1873 and was founded to educate women. Where men like Swanson get their foolish un-Christ like ideas, since Christianity originally gave women more freedom, than European pagan culture who saw them as baby makers and that’s it flabbergast me. My degree has not made into the type of woman he describes I am pushing thirty and I still a straight, virgin, conservative woman, who just happens to understand Shakespeare better than he ever will.


  9. Marshun says:

    “The next time you want to blame the stereotype of homeschoolers as dangerous extremists on the liberal media or the teachers’ unions, remember Kevin Swanson. Remember that he’s making a living off of us.”

    Meh. There’s not really a unified “us” to begin with. I was homeschooled and I had never even heard of Kevin Swanson until Homeschoolers Anonymous started writing about him (which was after my graduation).


  10. Ryan Outler says:

    I am bookmarking this page for when this guy comes to Missouri and my wife wants to go see him. I will tell her, “Sure, I will go see him as soon as you clean out that womb tomb you have from taking those birth control pills” Just kidding, I won’t say that, that would be the boldest move ever! I am going to make her listen to some of this though. I like it that she homeschools and my kids love to learn, that is important but man some of these state conferences and these homeschool leaders are so cultish and crazy (D. Phillips, Swanson, Sproul, Jr, Michael Pearl, etc).


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  12. The last thing any parent or educator needs is this asshat spewing rubbish. Where do people come up with this stuff???!!!!!


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