Talking back to patriarchy

suffragetteLast week I had the great pleasure of joining a group of Cornerstone friends in Indianapolis.  We decided that the end of the fest didn’t have to be the end of us, and so we had an Imaginarium Meetup, organized by the coolest people in Indy (you know who you are).  The schedule included meals, movies, and seminars.  I was asked to present a seminar/roundtable discussion on “Feminism and the State of the Church”- a daunting subject and one that will get you wildly different results depending on who does the presenting.  It’s a topic that demands a perspective, and yet one person’s perspective is another person’s agenda, or ax to grind.

I admit it: I have an agenda. When it comes to gender roles I believe the hard right in the church is waging an ideological battle that perhaps stretches back to the conservative resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention.  The same reactionary wave behind that denominational shift is crashing over American evangelicalism as a whole. Threatened by a world they perceive as increasingly secular and liberal, the right has decided that gender theology is a primary, not a secondary issue. As so often happens when fundamentalists feel threatened, they are hardening divisions, driving out the dissenters, spinning law upon law until no corner of life is open to Christian liberty and the voice of the Spirit. The patriarchy is increasingly dogmatic, separatist, and belligerent. And influential.

And therein lies my concern. There have always been people striving for patriarchy in the church, but in the 20th century patiarchy seemed to be moving to the margins like its ugly sibling, racist theology. Not any more. The patriarchists are speaking at the largest pastors conferences, pastoring megachurches, writing books that we’re all reading. They are telling us in no uncertain terms what it means to be a Christian man and a Christian woman, how we are permitted to act, speak, dress, think, parent, work and love. Fundamentalist movements in every religion have a long pattern of constraining and oppressing women, but the truth is that patriarchy is destructive to all of us: to women, men, and children; and to the witness of the Church in the world.

And so that’s why I was happy to be invited to talk about feminism and the church, but I also found it a difficult task.  Most of the people I was speaking to are younger than I am, many are in male headship churches.  Many had never heard the words “egalitarian” or “complementarian” before I used them in the seminar (maybe a healthy sign, actually).  I didn’t want to seem like an alarmist, didn’t want anyone to feel unfairly attacked, and couldn’t possibly do justice to the subject in one session.  I don’t know if I succeeded in saying what I wanted to say, but the conversation that we had was challenging and intense – though always civil, I’m happy to report.  And as usual with that crowd, there was a lot of laughter mixed in with the heavy discussion.

But I’m not done with this subject (am I ever?).  I initially planned to recap the content of the seminar in just one post, but the more I research the more I find that I want to share.  There is a very complicated culture of patriarchy in the church:  it’s built on a particular theology but manifested in countless ways.  As a student of church history and a church culture geek I’m fascinated by this stuff, but I also believe that the better we understand it, the better equipped we are to respond.  And we need to respond.

So consider this an introduction to a series of posts in which I hope to hold patriarchy in the church up for a closer look.  Some of what I’ll be writing about may just seem like quirky Christian subculture (quiverfull, courtship, modesty guidelines):  other issues are deadly serious.  I will do my best to be fair, and if I seem like I’m misrepresenting anyone please let me know.  If there’s one thing I learned in Indianapolis, it’s that honest feedback makes for a better conversation.

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17 Responses to Talking back to patriarchy

  1. thatmom says:

    Sharon, I look forward to this series, as you can imagine! I would say that I think as quirky as they are, the topics of quiverful, courtship and modesty ARE deadly serious, too. They have moved into mainstream evangelicalism with people like the wildly popular Duggars and even seminary leadership and complmentarian guys promoting quiverful ideals. There has been a sharp right turn on the patrio continuum in the past 10 years and is being welcomed by those who don’t even realize it, along with the reconstructionist agenda that is at the root of much of it!


    • I agree, Karen. They’re all tied together. I was making a distinction based on external perception, I suppose. I really appreciate the work you’ve done on this subject, by the way. I’ve been reading a lot of what you’ve written recently – I know I won’t be saying anything new, but maybe I can spread the word a little farther. 🙂


      • thatmom says:

        Sharon,so glad for your voice!!!! Have you listened to the two series of podcasts on the subject? I was able to get some great guests and the discussions are good ones. I am working on a series three….will be interesting! Let’s keep this conversation going!!!!!!!!!


      • What would be the fastest way to find those? I’ve been reading up to this point ’cause it’s easier in a noisy house. But I do need to listen to these, now that I’ve committed to talking about this in some depth.


  2. thatmom says:

    series one:

    series two:

    militant fecundity series:

    You can either listen directly from the website or download to an Mp3 player via i-Tunes with the link in the right column.

    And here is a link you shouldn’t miss on the connections with white supremacy.

    You’ll thank me later! 😉


  3. Get to writing! I want to hear all about it! 🙂


  4. J Robert says:

    Excited to read future posts! Glad to hear the meet-up is inspiring more thoughts and discussion.


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