My comments were deleted (so I’m writing a post instead)

Boy_Scouts_Perry_00700This is a first for me, I think.  I posted two comments at Christianity Today online, in response not to the article about the Boy Scouts’ policy change, but to other comments.  A couple of days later, poof, they were gone.  The only trace left of me was a patronizing response to my missing comments.  (It’s strange but true that when someone calls me “dear sister Sharon” in a comment, they are never about to agree with me).

Being who I am – the sort of person who steps in it about once a week – you’d think I would consider it an honor to have my comments deleted.  But it actually hurt my feelings a little bit.  At Christianity Today comments are only supposed to be removed if they are “inflammatory”, “off topic” or “attack another person”.  I don’t believe my comments fit any of those descriptors.  I guess, rather than responding with a comment, I should have reported for abuse the person who said that allowing gay scout leaders into BSA would be like “ringing a dinner bell”. That’s what I call an abusive comment.

Oh, Christianity Today….all those years I subscribed to you, and this is how you treat me.

So anyway, a few incomplete thoughts on the BSA decision.  I wasn’t going to post about this because I know how controversial it is and I worried that I wouldn’t express myself well.  But if I can’t talk freely elsewhere, I’ll do it here.  By the way, this is far more than I said in the deleted comments.

1.  Sexual abstinence is still expected of all scouts, as was said directly in the new policy statement.  So, no, the BSA did not endorse sexual activity of any kind for minors.
2.  Homosexuality and pedophilia are not the same thing.  Some people need to get that straight.  For real.
3. “Morally straight” doesn’t mean what some of you think it means, and I grow weary of the snarky use of this phrase to attack the character of anyone who is gay.
4.  And while we’re at it, a reminder that Jesus didn’t demand moral rectitude before he would hang out with people.  So stop dragging God into why you think the BSA has just committed moral suicide.
5.  And further, while you’ve been saying “love the sinner, hate the sin” for years and years – which was always an offensive, off putting line anyway – it turns out many of you didn’t even mean it, at least not when it comes to homosexuality.  Because now we find out that a kid with same sex attractions, regardless of behavior, is not welcome in your ranks.  And if his presence would mess up your scout troop, I guess he’s not welcome in your church, either.  And not welcome in your home.  Where exactly does he belong?
6.  Unless – oh, wait! -unless they keep hiding, right?  I mean, you don’t want “openly” gay scouts in your troops.  Are you okay with boys continuing to have to bluff, lie, or keep their mouths shut as they deal with growing up gay?  Is that the “morally straight” universe you’re looking to live in?  What if the child who was gay was your son?  Would you want his place in the world to depend on how successfully he could hide himself from those around him?
7.  And if you think preteen and teenage boys are too young to have any sense of sexual identity, I think you may have forgotten what it’s like to be a preteen or teen.
8.  This guy makes the rational case for why Catholics needn’t flee the BSA, according to canon law.  In the process, he explains some of my thoughts without emotions getting in the way.

Okay, I’m done.  Many of my homeschool friends with boys in Scouting will strenuously disagree with me on this subject.  But most of them will at least give me a hearing, and won’t delete me from their lives.  I wouldn’t delete them or their comments either.  Even on something as trivial as a comment board it’s a bit painful to feel invisible.   But then, I suspect many gay scouts have felt invisible in the past.  I don’t think it’s such a bad thing for the Boy Scouts to acknowledge and welcome them.


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Wife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Christian Education Director, idealist, malcontent, follower of Jesus.
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19 Responses to My comments were deleted (so I’m writing a post instead)

  1. william wallace says:

    The majority of boy scouts will stand proudly erect their being gay
    or straight in having no direct bearing /it simply being age & nature.
    With regard to christianity / one should never get involved in such
    halfbaked nonsense. Christianity its many variations has an yearly
    income amounting to $MILLIONS for varied christian organizations
    christianity is a business selling a dream of a heaven somwhere…
    beyond the clouds where it being claimed God and Son of God live.
    It’s a simple formula… you creat the problem then the cure… with
    christianity SEX is SIN …as all born of the sexual act then all being
    SINNERS (thus as SINNERS there no entry unto a fictional heaven).
    A cure required removing the SIN thus entry to HEAVEN. The cure
    being the SON of GOD being born of a virgin / thus abled remove
    one’s SIN / then Hey Presto the gates of heaven then open for you.
    Christianity the longest running frauds that earthlings have known.



    • Well, that was an interesting comment. Thanks for reading!


      • william wallace says:

        Sharon / it’s not that God having not been merciful in sending
        whom blessed in teaching humanity / toward lifes true purpose.
        The problem such Teachers when in human form in being very
        much used as abused by those seeking personal gain as power
        where the translation of what once said in teaching being much
        changed. One main example with christ be the “Roman Empire”
        adapted to christianity and then proceeded to go on killing /only
        now they were killing in the name of christ and such brutality but
        continued for centuries. Indeed where seen in having one GOD
        rather than the many / put great power as wealth into the hands
        of the few whom then abled control the many … then all western
        nations jumped on a jesus bandwaggon thus christianity forced
        upon the people by appalling brutality / followed by centuries of
        burning at the stake for those in daring defy “Church Authority”.

        Church Authority


  2. Don’t worry. I see being deleted as a badge of honour. They cannot answer you. You might challenge them to change their opinions.


  3. John White says:

    Sharon you are absolutely correct when it comes to allowing gay scouts. Hopefully they will not be critical of differing views than theirs that may show up in handbooks or discussions. Not sure what I think about allowing openly gay leaders and don’t think it would be clear how to police the undercover gay leader. I am sure there are pedophile leaders in scouts and as long as they are not caught they will remain leaders, and certainly they are not openly pedophile.


    • Yes, John, that’s a good point. Predators don’t wait for permission – they just take advantage of opportunity. I’ve recently been reading about widespread child sexual abuse in a particular church network and those being charged are, for the most part, married men. Child sexual abuse is definitely a problem but it’s not a gay problem, not a Catholic problem. It’s everywhere.


    • Being gay does NOT make a person more likely to be a pedophile. I think it’s very clear how to “police” any scout leader, gay or straight, you treat them the same.


  4. william wallace says:

    Sharon / One can’t get into the history of humanity it’s a long long story.
    However a few words the Almighty wish you to know / Throughout human
    history there always a Teacher of Teachers present / as t’was with Jesus
    being the Teacher of Teachers in such time / giving the teaching needed.
    Present time the Teacher of Teachers is Prem Rawat / as t’was with Jesus
    Prem gives blessed in bringing the message that needed in present times.
    Such message is for the individual turning the senses inward via meditation
    thus practical experience of the Almighty bringing a clarity of understanding.
    On pc search put (words of peace) or (words of peace global) on site be an
    selection of videos in which Prem explains the need of meditation / in going
    beyond ideas beliefs unto knowing the creator / understanding the creation.
    Finallly a few words to inform / the Almighty will never delete the soul / it be
    one need in time change their human frame but the spirit is always eternal .


  5. Jen Anderson says:

    I think you stated your opinions well. I didn’t read the link about Catholics, but I was raised Catholic and heck, I was raised to ignore a lot of the Catholic Church’s policies like opposition to gayness and birth control.

    I’m really looking forward to people wrapping their minds around #2 so the Boy Scouts can allow gay scout leaders as well.


    • Thanks, Jen. I’m glad my post makes sense! Ironically, the Catholic church seems to be a little more cool headed than many Protestants right now. I haven’t heard the Catholic leadership suggesting the Church abandon Scouting, as has been the case with numerous big cheeses in the Southern Baptist Convention. The link was to a Catholic writer who specializes in talking about issues from the position of canon law, and he was very temperate – which I appreciate after reading that the BSA had given God the finger, and other nonsense from “Christians”.


  6. Isabella R. Moyer says:

    Well said, Sharon….and spot on! Here’s hoping your post gets way more readership than your deleted comment ever would.


  7. Terry Masters says:

    Sharon, I’m confused…I read your response on CT site…


  8. High five for speaking your mind! I’m sorry you got deleted. Their loss. Even on the most controversial of topics, I can’t imagine that you could say anything so offensive that it warrants removal.


  9. jubilare says:

    dear sister Sharon, I agree. 😉


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