Spring, wonderful spring


An excellent use for a sunny afternoon

I’ve written a lot of very serious posts lately, and I have another serious one in the works.  But daily life has actually been light and happy this spring.   The weather has been unpredictable but we enjoy the warm sunny days when we get them.

Gotta start somewhere

Gotta start somewhere

Cheesy is going back to her natural hair.  She’s always been my most free spirited kid when it comes to style, and she thinks the idea of having a big, funky afro is awesome.  Actually, she thinks the idea of shaving her hair close the scalp sounds awesome, too, but I’m too cowardly to  let her take that step.  I’ve been reading up, so to put this in the proper parlance, she is transitioning without doing a “big chop”.  I’m buying up scarves and cute head bands to make this switch chic, and I have a friend who is graciously helping us with the styling while the relaxer grows out.  Hair transition diaries are quite a big thing on the internet, so I’m joining the club.  The photos show where we’re starting at, and how her hair looks dolled up with a braid out and headband.  I’m taking photos every week or so to track our progress.

A smile that can rock any hairdo

A smile that can rock any hairdo

Mr. Right and I went to Memphis for our overdue 25th anniversary getaway.  We stayed downtown, walked almost everywhere and loved it.  I’m very much pro-Memphis now, but even more than the touristy stuff I enjoyed almost four days with my best friend.  All that time, and we hardly got on each other’s nerves at all

It keeps raining, and our basement is not entirely watertight.  That’s the downside to spring.  We just wet vac and keep going; it’s all pretty routine after living here for so many years.

Prom!  Striker went to her first prom with her boyfriend, which means we got to see this:

My girl, so grown up and lovely

My girl, so grown up and lovely

Striker also started her first job a few weeks ago, slinging frozen custard at a local hot spot.  Job means money, money means car insurance, car insurance means Striker will be a licensed driver very, very soon.  She’s just a little excited.

We’re nearing the end of track season and B.Lake is killing it, taking first or second in almost all of his races (usually first). He got his hair shaved into a Mohawk recently.  I may not have been 100% enthused about this, but I choose my battles carefully.  It’s his head, after all.  I wish I had a picture of him running track to show you, but since I don’t I’ll share this one of him wrestling a few months back.  Doesn’t he look fierce?

will wrestling

Lean, mean, wrestling machine

Bee is reading like a house on fire.  She just read the entire Bone series (including the prequel), finishing a book ever day or two.  She’s also been funny, funny, funny lately.  Bee seemed like a serious little person a few years ago, but she was obviously just taking time to perfect her comedy stylings.  She and Cheesy make each other laugh all day long, except when they’re bickering.

As for Baph and Mr. Right, they both work all the time.  All.  the.  time.

I was thinking I’d take the summer off of school since my focus has been shot over the last few months.  I’ve been feeling burned out, but….I just can’t bear the thought of “losing” the whole summer session.  So I signed up for just one class, Introduction to Theology.  I’m hoping it will be fun, in the weird way that I define fun.

exorcist1I’ve also written a few movie reviews for Zekefilm lately, if that interests you.  I reviewed a Romanian drama called Beyond the Hills, from the director of 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days.  Last week I reviewed a dysfunctional family comedy called Pasadena.  And I was part of an online conversation about The Exorcist, following a Zekefilm screening of that film.

I can’t believe we’re only a few weeks away from the end of another school year.  This is the time of year when I’m usually alternating between panicking over what we didn’t finish and poring over the Rainbow Resource Catalog dreaming of how much better we’ll do school next year.  Next year is always the year when my daughters will start their dried herb business, or self-publish their novels, or go to the world finals in Morris dancing.  And we will read ALL the wonderful children’s novels we haven’t gotten to yet (CharlieandtheChocolateFactoryAWrinkleinTimeAnnof GreenGablesBridgetoTerabithiaTheWind intheWillowsTheSecretGardenEllenTebbits HolesThePhantomTollbooth…..).  And the field trips we will go on!  Basically, this:

homeschool all the things

But I tell you the truth:  I’ve never approached the end of a school year with more contentment and gratitude.  We didn’t accomplish everything I planned, but we learned a lot and we had such a good time together.   More and more often I find myself thinking that my kids are delightful people.  How did I get so lucky?

I still go googly eyed over the Rainbow Resource Catalog, though.

I'm sorry, but this makes me laugh every time.

I’m sorry, but this makes me laugh every time.


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9 Responses to Spring, wonderful spring

  1. jubilare says:

    You have lovely children.
    Don’t be afraid of the “big chop.” Be a courageous mom and trust your daughter with her hair. Worst-case scenario, she will hate it and grow her hair back out. On the flip-side, she may look awesome. Either way, she will have the satisfaction of knowing what it’s like to shave her head, which is a nice feeling.


    • Have you shaved yours? I have a friend who shaved her head as a teen & while she doesn’t regret it she said it was a bigger deal than she expected – for herself and for others. If my daughter was a teen I’d be more comfortable taking the leap, but at 11 I guess I’m worried about her instantly regretting it if she’s not happy with the results. But who knows…we’ll see how growing out & trimming the relaxed off goes.


      • jubilare says:

        I didn’t shave mine to the skin, but I came close. I was in high school the first time, and in college the second, so I can understand you wanting her to wait until she is a little older. I like having very long and very short hair for different reasons, but I hate the in-between.
        Your daughter’s complexion will probably work in her favor if she ever does shave her head. I got some flack from strangers who thought I was “butch” while African American friends of mine never seemed to get the disapproving eye. White girl with short hair comes with a lot of stereotype-baggage. :/
        Baggage or no-baggage, though, my hair is in for a huge trim this summer before I start chemo.


      • Friend, I am sorry to hear that your summer plans include chemo! Whatever the backstory is to that, I will keep you in my prayers.

        I’ve had short hair for about 12 years now. Sometimes I worry that it makes me a look a bit TOO much like my dad & I feel compelled to wear earrings & makeup all of the time just so that I feel girly (there’s a little of that baggage your were talking about). But every time I try to grow it out I’m reminded of why I went short in the first place: long hair is a pain in the neck for me.


  2. jubilare says:

    Oh! I thought you knew! Sorry. Um, I am undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Things are going well, but there are definitely some tough months ahead. Thank you. Prayers are much appreciated!

    Long hair is a lot of work, for sure. 🙂


  3. Would you mind if I knew your first name? I’d like to pray for you by name. You can send it to me privately if you prefer to keep it off wordpress. sharon65a@sbcglobal.net. Or I can just go on thinking of you as Jubilare, if you’d prefer. 🙂


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