Pastor Who of What Now?

empty-pewsYou may have noticed that I’m posting more frequently.  I’ve detected a distinct correlation.  The more I post, the more views there are on my blog.  Aha!  What an insight!  So I’m trying.  And when it comes to writing, it’s always a labor of love.

I thought perhaps I’d give you an update on my vocational progress.  A week and a half ago I had my interviews for the renewal of my district minister’s license.  I passed.  You never know what questions the credentials board may ask – it could be personal, it could be doctrinal, it could be about your practical experience.  Last year I went in for my first interview oddly relaxed.  This year I panicked and spent the night before the interview trying to cram all 16 Articles of Faith into my memory.  I wasn’t asked about any of them.

The most difficult question was on whether I have a call to preach.  I mean a CALL to preach.  I have no idea, which is troubling to some established pastors.  And a little bit troubling to me, as well.  To answer the question, I fumbled for an excessively long time about how much I enjoy preaching, but don’t have many opportunities, and how even when I preach it seems more like teaching, which is really more my strength – and what exactly is the difference between teaching and preaching?  And how should I know what God’s long term plan is?  I think I actually sounded defensive.  But I still passed.

I’ve been experiencing mid-studies doldrums.  I’m halfway through the Course of Study  for ordination – I’ll have 13 out of 24 classes down when I finish this set in a couple of weeks.  The novelty is definitely gone from doing school work, and it often feels like a grind.  But worse is the sense that I don’t quite know where I’m going.  I’m ticking off the classes, and I’ve got this title:  Pastor.  I still flinch when the people at church call me Pastor Sharon, but I mean…’s at least technically accurate.  I could, theoretically, be the senior pastor of a church right now.

I just wish that I knew where I’m headed.  Am I called to stick with Christian Education?  To be a senior pastor?  To be a nontraditional church planter?  My heart is with young adults who feel marginalized by the church in one way or another.  Cornerstone was such an amazing experience this past year – not just the speaking gig, but the many, many conversations with lovely out-of-the-box young men and women – and I came home thinking, “This means something.  This experience is a signpost.  My calling is to minister to young adults outside the church.”  But here, back home, I feel stuck.  I don’t know what my next move should be.  How do I even meet young adults without coming across like a weird middle aged creeper?

And so I keep praying, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is not picking up what you’re laying down.”  I know I’m not crazy:  He did call me.  I mean, He did CALL me.

Now I just wait for further instructions.


About Sharon Autenrieth

Wife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Christian Education Director, idealist, malcontent, follower of Jesus.
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