Of movies, and another kind of shame


2001: A Space Odyssey

And now for something completely different.

It’s sort of a weird coincidence that I wrote about shaming last week, and today I want to tell you about my 2013 movie List of Shame.  The name is not my idea, but ripped off from the Twitch Films site, where the Twitch writers are each working through a list of movies they “should have seen” before now.  Here’s the basic idea, from Twitch:

or anyone who considers themselves a cinephile or critic of note, their occupation can all too often become a labour of Sisyphean proportions, and inevitably some bona fide classics get left behind in the rabid desire to stay on top. Be it Citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia or Seven Samurai, everyone has their albatross to carry, everyone has that string of titles that makes them fall uncharacteristically silent when the pub conversation turns to their merits and faults. Everybody has their List of Shame.

I have a couple of friends who write for Twitch, and when they talked about tackling their Lists of Shame, one movie per month, I thought – great idea!  I’ll make one, too.  And so I did.

Here’s my list of 12 classic movies I haven’t seen that I will watch in 2013.

Tokyo Story
2001:  A Space Odyssey
The Last Laugh
Lawrence of Arabia
Pulp Fiction
8 1/2
Gone with the Wind
The Rules of the Game
Taxi Driver
Apocalypse Now


Tokyo Story

I’ve watched Tokyo Story and 2001 now.  Tokyo Story was wonderfully human, and an appropriate (if masochistic) choice for the week after my mom’s passing.  I watched 2001 at a friend’s house, on a big screen.  And I’m awfully glad:  that’s a movie that needs to be seen on the big screen.  I didn’t love it – does anyone exactly love it? – but I did appreciate it more than I expected.

Next week I’ll have the opportunity to attend a screening of Apocalypse Now, so that will take care of March.  Some of these movies I just haven’t gotten around to up to this point, but others I’ve been avoiding – with 2001 being an example of the latter.  I’d like to say that this project is all about becoming a more well rounded movie watcher.  But also, since I hang around with some seriously smarty-pants film critics, this will reduce my risk of public humiliation.

Whether you choose to watch them or not, are there particular “classics” or “important” movies that you haven’t seen?  Are you avoiding them for a reason?  Or any movies that you think are must-sees for anyone who is a serious cinephile?

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9 Responses to Of movies, and another kind of shame

  1. Jim Tudor says:

    I do love 2001. It’s not the kind of thing that I need to revisit a lot, but when I do, it is rewarding.


    • Thanks for replying to my question, Jim. After I posted I thought, “If my husband has seen it 7 times, maybe HE loves it.” 🙂 I guess I see it as one of those movies that I can appreciate, but it still leaves me kind of cold – and I’m projecting my reaction onto others. Still, appreciate it I did, and I’m awfully glad that I buckled down and watched it.


  2. I honestly found 2001 to be incredibly boring and bizarre. Excluding the middle act with HAL, I did not find the movie enjoyable at all. Maybe I just didn’t “get it” overall, but I do respect the film for it’s visual effects. They are pretty impressive for their time.
    I do want too see Lawrence of Arabia too! It’s one of those movies I’ve always wanted to watch but have never gotten around to it. If you see it let me know what you think! 🙂


  3. jubilare says:

    Hal 9000! …no… no, that wasn’t a fan-girl squeak over a murderous A.I. …I don’t know what you’re talking about. 😉

    Anyway, as much as I enjoy movies, I am not movie-oriented enough to have a list of shame. I have friends who constantly introduce me to classic films (I grew up with almost none), so I will let them worry about that.
    My list of shame contains books… books I haven’t read and really should; some which I even want to read. Unfortunately, it takes a slow reader like me a looooong time to knock books off of that list.


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