Whedon Seminar, Session 2

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I read this book in preparation for the seminar. I recommend it.

I’ve been all caught up in the first week of school, but I haven’t forgotten that I  need post the rest of the Whedon seminar from the Imaginarium at Cornerstone. (Here’s a link to Session 1, if you missed it)

Day two.  I brought my vorpal sword to this one, and went all tiliting-at-windmills on the giant targets of patriarchy and bad religion (yeah, I know I just mixed my literarary references, but it seemed right).  The audience participation made this my favorite day:  there is a moment in this session that makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it – which, to be clear, has only been three or four times.  I don’t want you think I just sit around all day listening to myself talk.  I don’t.  Really.  That would be weird.

Without further ado, session two.


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