Joss Whedon Seminar: Session 1

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Joss Whedon. Have you heard that he’s signed to do “The Avengers” sequel? Good news, eh?

Hey, look!  I’m on the YouTubes!

This is the first of three sessions from the Imaginarium at the Cornerstone Festival, on the war against evil in the Whedonverse.  The sessions were held in a tent, in in the middle of the afternoon, in three digit temperatures –  so if I seem a little heat-addled, I was.  But the crowd was wonderful; responsive and enthusiastic and gracious.  We happily laughed and talked and sweated together.

Update:  Here are the links to Session 2 & Session 3.


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6 Responses to Joss Whedon Seminar: Session 1

  1. I enjoyed your sessions at Cstone. My daughter watches Buffy constantly so it was helpful to hear some thoughtful commentary.


    • Thanks, Mark! That’s a good reminder that I need to link the 2nd & 3rd sessions. 🙂
      How old is your daughter, by the way?


      • She’s 15. Actually, she was at most of your sessions as well and I think it was validating for her that the show was featured at a Christian event, and helpful in the approach you took….Thanks for the blog. I’ll be sure to check in again.


      • I’m so glad to hear that, Mark. I have a soft spot for younger people who may feel a disconnect between their faith and the things that interest them, since that’s how I felt for a long time. My favorite thing about speaking at Cstone (aside from actually getting to speak!) was having conversations with teens and young adults after the sessions. I wish I’d met your daughter! Say “Hi” for me anyway. 🙂


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