If I had time to write about movies, I’d write about “Higher Ground” and “The Tree of Life”

image courtesy kulturebykatherine.com

The Tree of Life

But I have no time.  Again!  It’s very frustrating.  Makes me want to swear in Chinese (I’ve been rewatching Firefly lately).  It’s so rare to find a movie that gives real weight to spiritual questions and is a truly great piece of cinema.  To see two movies that can be described thusly in less than a month is like striking gold.  Both movies were robbed of Academy Awards, and I’m not the only person that says so.

I haven’t given up hope of writing about Higher Ground and The Tree of Life at some point.  I’ll be on break from classes during April, so perhaps then.  Although I’ve also declared April my personal Whedon-cram month as I prep for Cornerstone.  Wait.  I haven’t mentioned that, have I?  Never mind, that’s for another post.

So for now…you should watch “Higher Ground” and

image courtesy collider.com

Higher Ground

“The Tree of Life”.  Then, when I finally write about them, you can argue with me or agree with me in the comments, and it will be more fun.

P.S.  One of my friends says “The Tree of Life” may be his favorite movie of all time.  Another friend says that it’s the stupidest movie he’s ever seen.  How can you resist watching that?

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