Link Salad: September 17, 2011

ksvoboda.comIn the midst of Striker’s birthday weekend, I’ve got a few minutes to pass along some links I’ve been collecting.

This essay on Fred Rogers, by a journalist who knew him, is very long, but beautiful and moving.  You were special, Mr. Rogers.

Her.meneutics ran piece on Why Singles Need Married Friends, which connected (especially in the comment section) to the value of cross-gender friendships.  “Church world” tends to treat all friendships between men and women as suspect:  what a shame.  And what shame it causes, as a matter of fact.  I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve had many wonderful male friends over the years, both before and after marriage.  We need each other, and the issues around gender will never be resolved while we regard the opposite gender as exotic or dangerous.

Speaking of regarding women as dangerous…good grief!  The mental gymnastics John Piper employs here make my teeth hurt.  I could write an entire post….but I won’t.  For now.

I’m way behind the news cycle with this, but I still want to say:  Republicans, Tea Partiers, whoever you are – Jesus seemed far less enthusiastic about other people’s deaths than some of you.  If you call yourselves His followers, you might want to dial back the blood lust.

image courtesy

Now THAT'S comedy!

Just for fun (or outrage), check out this list of the 100 Best Comedy Movies, based on a survey of 200 comedy writers, directors, actors and comedians.  Just goes to show how unreliable such lists are.  I mean, no “Bringing Up Baby”, no “Duck Soup” or “Shaun of the Dead”, but it includes “Three Amigos”,and “BASEketball”???  Je m’oppose!

For further proof that lists are bogus, consider Rolling Stone’s list of the Worst Songs of the 90’s.  Sure, “What’s Up” was a terrible, terrible song, but what’s so bad about “Tubthumping”?  And after reviewing the decade that gave us “Rico Suave” (not on the list), you’re going to hate on Hanson’s “MMMbop”?  Really?


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13 Responses to Link Salad: September 17, 2011

  1. Hollie says:

    and now…I have tubthumping stuck in my head…Thank you…thank you very much!!!


  2. Hollie says:



  3. Hollie says:

    It is more like diet coke drink, diet dr. pepper drink, a diet mt. dew drink or a water drink..ehhehehe


  4. -Sedona Sam says:

    “dial back the blood lust” Oooooh… Poor word choice.

    Is it ever inappropriate to cheer/smile/golf clap when justice has been served?

    such as in this case:


    • If I haven’t mentioned this before, I’m not a supporter of the death penalty, but that’s not actually relevant to your question. I do not think it is ever appropriate to cheer/smile/golf clap the death of another human being. The professionals who are involved in performing executions seem to understand this and handle their duties quietly, respectfully and soberly.

      As for Lawrence Brewer, he was involved in a monstrous crime. But I still would rather that the state had not taken his life.

      Why was that a bad choice of words, by the way. What am I missing?


      • -Sedona Sam says:

        Well, “blood lust” has a pretty specific meaning. And it’s a terrible thing to call someone. Especially when it’s untrue.


      • You can’t call someone “blood lust”. Well, I suppose you could, but it would certainly be grammatically unusual and awkward. What you can do is describe someone as possessing “blood lust”, as I did. And I think it was an accurate description. If you share in the blood lust of the audience members who were cheering the execution rate in Texas, or the idiot who shouted “let him die” at another debate – well, then it’s not surprising that you disagree with my assessment. I stand by it.
        Big shocker that you and I disagree, eh, Sam? 🙂


  5. -Sedona Sam says:

    btw, you should see this movie, The Way. Just opened in St. Louis.


  6. -Sedona Sam says:

    Something we can agree on: Sharon Autenrieth doesn’t know the meaning of “Blood Lust”


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