Link Salad: September 1, 2011

image courtesy wins.failblog.orgI discovered that there are several sites called “Link Salad”, but I’m over trying to be original.  I went through enough of that trying to name my blog.

In contention for Worst.  Idea. Ever.  PETA plans a porn site.  PETA spokesperson Lindsay Rajt says the site is intended to encourage people to go vegan and “will have enough adult content to qualify for the XXX domain site but also some other graphic images of animals that viewers may not expect to see.”  I can’t top the response from one of the writers at Feministe“Definitely sounds like an effective way to get people to go vegan — associate animal cruelty with sexual arousal. I see absolutely no potential downsides.”

James K.A. Smith at For Clavigera has a moving reflection on the difference between “emergent skepticism” and “catholic doubt”.  “It’s not a matter of coming up with a Gospel I can live with; it’s a matter of learning to live with all of the scandal of the Gospel–and that can take a lifetime.”

William Webb has a new book out on the use of corporal punishment in the Bible.  One of the arguments Webb makes is that most of the Christian proponents of spanking go “beyond scripture” to soften what the literal instructions in the Bible (a good thing, in his estimation).  Most, but not all.  The Jesus Creed post on the book doesn’t mention Michael and Debi Pearl, but I couldn’t help thinking of them as I read it.

I know this is old news for many people, but especially if you are a homeschooler, check out Khan Academy.  Cheesy has been watching math videos and doing the accompanying exercises. I’m blown away by how much information is available for free at the site.  Amazing.

Thanks to for this beautiful graphic, 18 Things You Didn’t Know About Firefly.

This video isn’t new either.  Baph shared it with me before setting off for parts unknown, or, well, parts very far away.  Behold Back Pain Wayne.


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