Another tornado, and this one in my hometown

This is where I grew up and where my parents still live.

photo by Scott Holloway

Scott Joplin’s hometown, and the home of the Missouri State Fair.

photo by Scott Holloway

I went to Horace Mann Elementary School, and Smith Cotton High School, although my dad taught at Sacred Heart.

photo courtesy Scott Holloway

My friends and I  cruised the strip on weekends, and hung out at Ken’s over cheese bread and soda.  I never did try a Goober Burger at the Wheel Inn, though.

photo by Scott Holloway

I didn’t always appreciate Sedalia.  It took many years after high school for me to recognize what a wonderful town I come from.

photo by Scott Holloway

And this is how parts of my hometown look today.

photo courtesy Shane Keyser, Kansas City Star

Like so many others over the last couple of months, the residents of Sedalia are reeling from a tornado tonight.

photo by John Sleezer

My parents are safe, thank God, and despite the destruction there seem to have been only minor injuries.  This week has certainly show us that things could have been worse.

photo by James Keyser, Kansas City Star

Still, I ache for my hometown.  I pray for peace for everyone there tonight.  And I sincerely hope we’re nearing the end of tornado season.

photo by Shane Keyser, Kansas City Star


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7 Responses to Another tornado, and this one in my hometown

  1. kevin b says:

    Please send out a shout to Wayne and Georgia. I thought about them earlier in the week when Joplin got hit and was so grateful it did not come close. then I heard about Sedelia.
    Hopefully you guys are alright?
    What about Mr. Right’s dad and family?


  2. kevin b says:

    I will remember him in prayer. Kim sent me the link to your facebook the other day. Shelly commented about me throwing a book off the catwalk. (On the catwalk, on the catwalk, I do my little turn on the catwalk) sorry…digression.
    Anyway…keep us in prayer as well. Getting ready to move to Springfield and ready to hurt our house realtor. Our Springfield realtor is great, but the other one…ARRRRGGH!


  3. God have mercy. Glad you & yours are OK.


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