Breathe Deep

image courtesy universe-beauty.comStriker’s civics class discussed the rapture today.  If that’s not a sign of how this story has blown up, I don’t know what is.  As I told you yesterday, the whole subject is a little post-traumatic-stressy for me.  I’ll be glad when it’s behind us. In the meantime I’m just focusing on the God I know, as opposed to the God Harold Camping is proclaiming to the world.  He is loving, and gracious, and present with me in my joys and troubles.   Opening myself up to Him is as simple as breathing.

Breathe Deep (the Breath of God) – by the Lost Dogs

Politicians, morticians, Philistines, homophobes
Skinheads, Dead heads, tax evaders, street kids
Alcoholics, workaholics, wise guys, dim wits
Blue collars, white collars, war mongers, peace nicks

Breathe deep
Breathe deep the Breath of God
Breathe deep
Breathe deep the Breath of God

Suicidals, rock idols, shut-ins, drop outs
Friendless, homeless, penniless and depressed
Presidents, residents, foreigners and aliens
Dissidents, feminists, xenophobes and chauvinists

Evolutionists, creationists, perverts, slum lords
Dead-beats, athletes, Protestants and Catholics
Housewives, neophytes, pro-choice, pro-life
Misogynists, monogamists, philanthropists, blacks and whites

Police, obese, lawyers, and government
Sex offenders, tax collectors, war vets, rejects
Atheists, Scientists, racists, sadists
Photographers, biographers, artists, pornographers

Gays and lesbians, demagogues and thespians
The disabled, preachers, doctors and teachers
Meat eaters, wife beaters, judges and juries
Long hair, no hair, everybody everywhere!

Breathe deep
Breathe deep the breath of God
Breathe deep
Breath deep the breath of God


About Sharon Autenrieth

Wife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Christian Education Director, idealist, malcontent, follower of Jesus.
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5 Responses to Breathe Deep

  1. Sean says:

    Best song ever? Possibly….


  2. kevin b says:

    The Lost Dogs? Do the Swirling Eddies next!


  3. Aaron C says:

    Man I hadn’t heard this one in ages, I’ve got Little Red Riding Hood, big fan of Pray Where You Are, Imagine That… and well pretty much the entire album really so I’ll stop there.


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