Good Lists. Read them.

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Not on the list of fictional role models, but she could be (unlike most other Disney princesses)

Not much time today, between school work and getting ready to go camping.  Yes, camping.  And I’m a person who figures if I sit on the deck for a few minutes, I’ve spent time in nature.  One of Cheesy’s friends is having a birthday camp out at Pere Marquette, and Cheesy, Bee and I are going.  Should be fun – and I do, actually, mean that.

So it’s a good day for some quick shares.  How about some interesting/thought provoking/fun lists to read?

1.  First, from my friend Tim, a list of Things Not Found in the Bible.  Tim invites people to submit additional ideas.  Here’s mine:  “Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently discuss it with everyone in the church.” (Gal. 6:1)

2.  At the Resurgence, Justin Buzzard posted Top 10 Reasons Not to Join a Church Plant, and the at Internet Monk, Chaplain Mike posted 9 reasons why he disagrees with Justin.

3 & 4.  David of the Screaming Kettle at Home posted two great lists back in January, but I’ve only seen them just now:  Top 15 Role Models for Girls (mostly in the arts), and Top 11 Fictional Role Models for Girls (along with some who didn’t quite make the cut).  I’m happy to see many of my personal favorites on both lists.

5.  Finally, Top 10 Worst Movie Quotes.  Completely subjective, of course, but this list avoids picking on the low budget stinkers in favor of calling out bad dialogue in some very successful movies.  I’m delighted to see someone hating on that terrible line from Notting Hill.


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2 Responses to Good Lists. Read them.

  1. HP says:

    Sharon!! I love Notting Hill!!


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