From Mammoth to Muni

image courtesy

Kind of like Manny, but the Principia mammoth wasn't wooly

Here’s what I did today:

1)  Took the girls to see the Mammoth excavation site at Principia College.  Yay!

2)  Backed into another car while pulling out of my parking space at Principia.  Boo!

3)  Carefully critiqued discussion board comments by a couple of my classmates, because what is the point in just saying, “You’re absolutely right.  I agree”?  How does that help anyone learn?  We’ll see if I came across the way I hope I did.

image courtesy gangster-movies.comAnd now I’m getting ready to go watch Scarface at our friends’ church.  The original Scarface, in which Paul Muni is terrific.  I went through an old gangster movie phase several years back, and Scarface might be my favorite.


About Sharon Autenrieth

Wife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Christian Education Director, idealist, malcontent, follower of Jesus.
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