All the things I’ve missed this week (and Mr. T, too!)

image courtesy photos-public-domain.comI’ve been missing all kinds of things this week that are blog worthy.  Granted it’s been an unusual week for all of us, but I thought I’d catch up today.

On Monday I should have posted my monthly May 1st Resolution Update.  No biggie, though.  Not much has changed except that I’ve officially started my online classes.  I’ve completed my first homework assignments since 1987 (and I got 100% on them, I’m happy to report).  Participating in discussion boards is a large part of what I’ll be doing in my classes and I think I’ve found my discussion board nemesis in the Old Testament class.  I’m sort of kidding, but this guy is so condescending and dogmatic….my typing fingers start itching every time I read one of his comments.  But I’m going to think about the Rally to Restore Unity and hum “The Tie that Binds” and try to keep myself under control. I’m also taking a six week class on the history of the Reformation, co-sponsored by the Episcopal School of Theology and the Lutheran School of Theology.  I missed the first night – the German Reformation – because I was visiting my parents.  But I made it last night and learned all about Zwingli, Calvin, Bucer, William of Orange, Bartholomew’s Day…it was great.  And surprisingly enough, I think I might have been the youngest person in the class.  Next week we’ll be talking about the Radical Reformation, and you know I have a special place in my heart for those wild-eyed pacifists.

image courtesy

Why the long face, John Calvin? Haven't you heard about the Young, Restless and Reformed guys?

May 2 was the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.  I meant to write about it on Monday, but then I was distracted by other things, as so often happens with me. So happy belated birthday, KJV!  I’m not among those who think you’re the only way to go, but you have provided us with some beautiful prose.  I should read you to my children sometimes just so they can hear that glorious language.

May 3 was the 40th anniversary of All Things Considered.  Well, I like it.  Some people think NPR is boring, others say it’s liberal.  I don’t find either charge particularly convincing.

image courtesy

The KJV and Star Wars in one image? Felix felicis!

May 4 was Star Wars Day.  You know why, right?  Because it was “May the Fourth”.

Today is Cinco de Mayo, of course.  It’s also the birthday of my friend, Kim, who not only gives me wise and prayerful counsel on all sorts of things, but knows how to bust a move.  Feliz cumpleanos, friend!  (I don’t know how to insert the symbol that should go over the “n”.  Do any of you?)

Tomorrow, May 6, is the 74th anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster.  Also, the 17th anniversary of the official opening of the Chunnel.  And 57 years ago today, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute-mile.  Admittedly, I’m reaching now, so I’ll look ahead to May 8. Remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day, and if you need a little motivation to treat your mother right, here you go:


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5 Responses to All the things I’ve missed this week (and Mr. T, too!)

  1. kevin b says:

    ń. Feel free to cut and paste. Mine is in the symbols in the word program, under Latin extended.


  2. Tim says:

    In regards to your annoying online classmate, you might find this site funny:

    I’ve been doing online classes for a couple of years, and I can testify that every class has at least 5 of these.


  3. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    Outstanding post today as usual. Keep up the great posts with great ideas, and the ones that are funny keep me laughing.


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