An Open Letter to High School Girls on *#@+%, etc.

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I'd like to give the Ralphie treatment to some young ladies I know

I’d like to take this moment to speak to high school girls everywhere:

Please stop calling each other *#@+%.  Also &^%*$.  And don’t use this one, either: *&@%.

I’m aware that some of your are going to be awful for another 10 years or so before you finally grow up and realize that your high school status doesn’t actually make you a superior human being.  I know this, based on the mean girls I went to school with.  Life will humble you in ways that no new A & F shirt will be able to remedy.  But until such time, please:  even mean girls don’t need to talk like they were raised in a truck stop bathroom.  Get some civilization, you snotty little pains in the butt.

And yes, “pain in the butt” is an acceptable substitute for any of the terms above.


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Wife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Christian Education Director, idealist, malcontent, follower of Jesus.
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14 Responses to An Open Letter to High School Girls on *#@+%, etc.

  1. kevin b says:

    Chill the *(-+@# out.
    I am just kidding.


  2. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    I have a teenager who is 17 a girl who thinks using bad language is cool,,, Oh MY!


  3. Jon M says:

    Yeah, it bugs me too when I hear kids cuss up a storm. I think it can also limit their vocabulary.


  4. HP says:

    I’m ok with a little bit of bad language in the teens. I have a problem with just a few words like “firetruck” and “see you next tuesday.” I don’t mind the random “sugar” or “jackass.”

    Seriously, these girls really do need to be nicer. They don’t want it to be awkward when your daughter has to hire them someday. 😉


    • Nice!
      I know that teens will swear – many of them, anyway. I was incredibly well behaved until college. It’s not just the potty mouths, but the abusive language that boils my blood. Terms that men originally used to degrade and dehumanize women are now common currency between girls. I hate to get all, “Eat your peas – people are starving in Africa”, but I think if they had to survive a week in Afghanistan or the Congo they might have a bit more female solidarity. The better we have it, the worse we treat each other.
      And when it’s MY baby have those terms throw at her, it makes me want to beat the….well, I’ll keep it clean. ‘Cause that’s how I do. 😉


  5. Kristi says:

    I went on a field trip today with 5th grade girls and heard some of the same foul language out of the mouths of 11 year olds and they are mean to each other already!


  6. Leighann says:

    I have been shocked at the way the SECOND grade girls are this year. This is my baby’s first year in public school (and possibly her last, all I know for now is she’s coming home in the fall for 3rd grade). She’s had a girl bullying her on the playground, and after she tried ALL my suggestions, I finally said forget it and went to the teacher. They are not friends, but the girl is friendly, so I’m cool with that. She says hi to a girl on the bus every morning (she’s just friendly like that), and the girl GLARES at her. I told her just let it go, be nice and realize that what others think doesn’t define who she is… she is a friendly, kind and wonderful girl regardless of public opinion…

    Yet I still feel strongly that public school may very well change who she is and who she could become. She is now, a kind, caring and empathetic soul. Sure she is NO angel! But, she cares for people and the world needs more people like her (I’m really biased, I know… but… everyone who knows her comments on how kind and loving she is). I’m not interested in having these traits beaten out of her through years in public school (not literally yet, but someday, literally she may have these traits beaten out of her).

    Perhaps the kicker was she came home one day and said, “I don’t understand why so many kids at my school are so crabby and angry.” I said I didn’t either. Right now she’s a goofy, care-free, funny, sweet little girl. And God help me, I want her to STAY like this. I’m scared she won’t if left in this environment.

    Your high school girl seems to still be a wonderful and delightful girl. Maybe she is stronger than my girl is now… is that the secret? I know wonderful, caring, loving people come out of public schools. All my friends fit this description. 😉 I just think it’s a lot harder to remain that way these days.

    I’m rambling. Just wanted to say I feel you. LOL


  7. Leighann says:

    Sorry to comment AGAIN, but I feel like it’s worth mentioning that the staff is wonderful at my daughter’s school. Also, she has met some VERY nice friends. Just so much drama already… in the second grade. Oy. I have been quite pleased with the quality and kindness of the staff members I’ve dealt with. They just can’t control everything (neither can I) and kids say and do some cruel, crushing things at times.


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