Seriously, Superman?

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On second thought....

Well, this is just lame:

Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship

Of course, these days one wonders whether he’d be able to prove he’s a citizen in the first place – at least to the satisfaction of some people.

I’m quite open about not being the flag-waving type, and even I think this is a bad idea. Superman 2011 may say “truth, justice and the American way… it’s not enough anymore”, but those concepts actually meant something to Siegel and Shuster, the creators of Superman who were both the sons of Jewish immigrants.  Superman was the champion of the oppressed, defender of the defenseless, an alien who chose to live with honor among humans.

Now, has America lived up to the ideals of Superman?  Of course not.  But he remains a symbol of what America can be and has has been in it’s finest moments.  Why screw up a symbol that calls us to be better?

This depresses me.  Not because I’m a big comic book geek (that’s Mr. Right & he’s pretty much a Marvel man) but because it fuels my belief that we live in an increasingly stupid world.

A pox upon your house, DC.


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6 Responses to Seriously, Superman?

  1. kevin b says:

    I am always sure that the writers have greater intentions then what we know. I bought the issue simply because it was #900. In the last few years Supes has pretty much claimed to be Kryptonian and not human as part of an ungoing storyline. I case until I read the story I wont try to figure out Superman. It bothers me as well, but it may their way to get publicity for the upcoming relaunch of the movie franchise.
    Until they “kill” off someone else, what else can they use to make news?


  2. Jonathan Masters says:

    This honestly upsets me a bit. I agree with your points and it is unfortunate that the Editors at DC thought this was a good idea, I know the original creators probably wouldn’t. As much as I love comic books they do take some bizarre turns via the writers like the infamous Spider-Man storyline “One More Day” where Peter Parker made a deal with Mephisto (Marvel’s version of the Devil) to save his Aunt May’s life and regain his secret identity. It’s unfortunate that the writers sometimes take the characters to places that I’m sure the original creators wouldn’t approve of.
    Anyways, I’m rambling but I just wanted to say I totally agree with what you wrote!


    • Very well said, Jon. I suppose that’s the natural result of having characters outlive their creators. The major characters in the comic book world have passed through the hands of so many writers by this point, and I don’t know whether anyone feels it’s necessary to preserve the legacy of the original creators.


    • kevin b says:

      As Sharon says, i know way too much about this stuff. It was not Peter Parker who made the deal with “the devil”, it was Mary Jane.
      She was always all about herself anyway.


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