I love this xkcd comic!

image courtesy the fabulous xkcd.com


By the way, Striker’s team is now 9-0.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.


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8 Responses to I love this xkcd comic!

  1. Lennie says:

    Nice!! Love it!


  2. Angela Dixon says:

    LOVE IT!!! I need to carry photocopies of this to hand out to every {Rude} person that says “Are all these kids yours?….Don’t you know what causes it??”


    • Do you seriously get that line from people??? I guess that’s the one advantage to adopting transracially – even when people were commenting on how many kids I had they didn’t say that to me. Although they came up with some other appalling remarks….


  3. Hollie says:



  4. Aaron says:

    I think this one is my favorite: http://xkcd.com/150/
    When I saw it I looked into getting playpen balls in sufficient quantities to do that with the smallest room in my house at the time… Yes I may get to decide what being a grown up means, but unfortunately my budget has veto powers 😦


  5. Andrea says:

    I get the “Do you know what causes that?” line ALL the time! I just smile and say yes, we’re pretty good at that huh? That usually makes people feel awkward and then they shut up:)


  6. HP says:

    Somehow having children and/or being obviously pregnant, makes some people feel like they can just say whatever they want. I don’t get it. I just assume they’re jealous of my awesome mad reproduction skills and incredibly brilliant offspring. 😉


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