Batman? Spiderman? Huh???

Read this and be thoroughly, delightfully confused.

image courtesy

Found in a Chinese dimestore, and “borrowed” from Mockingbird


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7 Responses to Batman? Spiderman? Huh???

  1. HP says:

    I believe we have a translation fail here.

    Weird twist on the story as well?


  2. Hollie says:

    ummmm…do you see the prism like pattern in the clear plastic of the case? This means it is a pirated copy. My brother used to work at Slackers and they would get these all the time. So…basically you may have a Chinese pirate of Batman Begins with a really bad translation of the synopsis. At least that would be my guess..hehehehhe


  3. kevin b says:

    That is how I remember his (their) origin.


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