Holy Cow! I’ve Been Freshly Pressed!

image courtesy commonsense-dancing.comIt started like any other blogging day….I woke up to 14 site views, which is actually quite good for early morning.  A little while later I opened my email to see a series of messages like this:  “Please moderate:  When Music Videos Ruled the World:  Journey”.  And that was my first clue that something was up.  And what a day this turned out to be!

Word Press featured this post on their Freshly Pressed site today.  Until today, I didn’t even know about the Freshly Pressed page.  I’m the sort of person who only reads enough of an instruction manual to use the basic functions of a camera, gps, computer, cell phone or __________ (fill in the blank).  Then months later, when I’m saying, “Boy, I wish my __________ would do such-and-such,” Mr. Right replies, “It does do that.  Didn’t you read the instruction manual?”  All that to say, once I’d gotten the general  idea of blogging down I stopped paying attention to all the many features here at Word Press.  I’m lazy, basically.

So it was a delightful surprise (and possibly an injustice to other, more diligent bloggers) that my post received the Freshly Pressed honor.  The distinction didn’t just give me a site views bounce, it was more like a site view rocket launch.  Yesterday I got a total of 78 site views.  Today – right now – I’m at 1,708, and the number is still climbing.  That’s blowing my mind just a little bit.  I feel like little Flannery O’Connor must have, in the Pathe News with her backward-walking chicken.  For me, this is fame.

Tomorrow (which is 97 minutes away), I will drop off Freshly Pressed and go back to my blogging obscurity.  I hope there will be a residual effect – I have picked up a handful of subscribers today, which is cool – but I’m not under any illusions.  This was a blip.  A very, very exciting blip.

Thanks to the 40+ people who “liked” my Journey post.  They included folks from Germany, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Singapore (2!).  Thank you to all of you who commented.  And thank you to those who not only read the Journey post, but checked out the rest of my blog, as well.  I hope you liked it.  I hope you’ll be back!

I had a goal to hit 4,000 all-time views by the end of March.  When I got up this morning I was about 150 views short, but feeling confident that I’d hit 4,000 before April 1.  Tonight I have 5,541 all-time views.  Mission accomplished – and thanks, Word Press!


About Sharon Autenrieth

Wife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Christian Education Director, idealist, malcontent, follower of Jesus.
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4 Responses to Holy Cow! I’ve Been Freshly Pressed!

  1. Jackie Paulson 1966 says:

    Congratulations on being freshly Pressed, you deserve it. I admire you and the badge you have on here. Did you make it?


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