Mortification is Good for the Soul (I Hope)

And this time it's me. (comic courtesy the delightful

What a world, what a world.  Civil Religion launched and I was horribly indignant at the editor for changing the title on my first post.  “It doesn’t fit the content,” I kept muttering.  “Did he even READ my post before sticking a title on it?  The nerve!”  I was also puzzled by the comments I received on the post.  They, too, seemed a bit out of left field.  “Good heavens, people, comment on what I actually said!” I was thinking.

Have you guessed the end of this story yet?  I’d sent the wrong post to my editor.  Several of the bloggers are struggling to learn the new blogging platform we’re using, and helpful editor Matt had volunteered to publish for us, if we sent him our posts.  Unfortunately, I was careless and sent a rough draft instead of the significantly revised final draft.

Well, how embarrassing.

After realizing my mistake I sent Matt the correct post and asked him to please be so kind as to switch it out.  Thank goodness I didn’t send him a crabby email when I was feeling indignant.  I don’t enjoy the taste of crow.

Even now, I’m not happy with everything I’ve got up at Civil Religion.  I submitted a second post, on Rob Bell, and for whatever reason, some of the edits I made didn’t make the final version.  Due to the some wackiness in the platform, I can’t edit my post once it’s up.  So the flaws just sit there and taunt me.

I make blogging sound like loads of fun, don’t I?


About Sharon Autenrieth

Wife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Christian Education Director, idealist, malcontent, follower of Jesus.
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