The Tears of a Whovian: Farewell, David Tennant

photo of David Tennant courtesy

The Tenth, and Best, Doctor

I realize I’m behind the curve here, since in real time David Tennant’s run as the Doctor ended in January 2010.  However, I’m watching Dr. Who on Netflix with Baph, so pardon me if this seems like a delayed reaction.  I’m all weepy this evening because I’ve just watched the last episode featuring David Tennant.  Sigh.  He struck me as a weasly-faced dork when I first saw him in the role – and at that point I was a bit weepy over the loss of Christopher Eccleston.  But David Tennant completely won me over.  He still had some dorky moments, like, for instance any running scene.  Those gangly limbs churning away and his “serious running face” (as Baph calls it)!  But Tennant made it all work.  It is one of the peculiar charms of “Dr. Who” that many character who I don’t care for initially grow on me, as David Tennant did.  Donna Noble, anyone?

So tonight I said “Goodbye” to my favorite doctor.  And I really did cry.  Quite a lot, actually.  Baph, who had seen the episode before, sympathetically said, “Sad, huh?”  Yes, it is.  It’s going to be tough for Matt Smith to follow that act.

By the way, “Whovian” is a slightly outdated term for a Dr. Who fan.  I wear it with pride.


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2 Responses to The Tears of a Whovian: Farewell, David Tennant

  1. Aaron says:

    I recently saw the last episode with donna in it again, man I completely agree, for a character I initially disliked, it was still so sad. Also having seen a couple of Matt Smith’s episodes, he’s a different doctor, and its hard to see David Tennant go, but I think if we have to have a new doctor (btw he’s younger than me by a couple years which is really weird), then I think he’ll do.


    • It’s funny about Donna – remember the Christmas special in which her character was introduced? I was begging Sam to reassure me that she wasn’t going to become the Doctor’s companion, because I could NOT stand her. But I really did come to like her, and ultimately appreciated that she was more of a woman and less of a girl than Rose and Martha.


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