Our Yard-Rink is an Added Feature, Thank You Very Much

drawing of ice skaters courtesy etc.usf.eduTake a significant amount of snow, melt it just a bit, then follow with a good hard freeze.  Don’t shovel or salt it, for heaven’s sake, because that would just ruin the outcome.  Do this right and you can skate across the yard as you try to carry in the groceries.  Steady, though.  If you’re not a strong skater you may go down the way that I did earlier today.  Fortunately I was only carrying a sack of canned goods and not the bag with the eggs in it.

As I lay on the ground with my groceries,  I thought, “When the appliance repairman comes today, he’s going to complain about the ice.”  Correct.  He did.  I’m just glad he didn’t fall and decide to sue us.  This house just screams “deep pockets”.

The appliance repairman also complained – indirectly – about the conditions in my laundry room.  He asked if I had something “nice and soft and warm” that he could lay down on if he had to get down on the floor to work.  Really?  Is this standard practice now?  I obediently put a sleeping bag down on the floor for him.  I wonder if I should have fixed him a hot toddy as well.  Perhaps he would have charged me less.  I have never had any home repair done without worrying that I’ve been scammed for extra money, and today is no exception.  But I need my dryer.  I need it.  And now it’s working again and we are poorer but I don’t have to make yet another trip to the laundromat.  Those quarters add up, you know.

As for my yard-rink, the children like it.  Don’t judge me.


About Sharon Autenrieth

Wife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Christian Education Director, idealist, malcontent, follower of Jesus.
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2 Responses to Our Yard-Rink is an Added Feature, Thank You Very Much

  1. Wayne Colflesh says:

    Just like Dad, only I could not get up. Mom had to call 911, which brought the fire dept. police, and parameds. Then after the got me up and in the chair they said OK and left. And I heard one of the parameds go back against the side of the house as he slips on the same patch of ice.

    No pain, no harm isn’t that the way it goes.


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