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When Music Videos Ruled the World: Billy Squier

My freshman year of college my best friend and I controlled the tv lounge in our dorm – at least late at night.  There were no physical intimidation involved and no money changed hands.  My friend just had such force … Continue reading

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Good to Know

Thanks to Mark Shea for sharing this.  I think we’re all better for it.

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One More Reason to Love the Internet: Stephen Colbert does “Friday”

Because I’m watching on the internet what I missed on TV.  This makes me laugh. I never said that my tastes were sophisticated.

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How About a Little Moore on Hell? (Johnnie Moore, That Is)

That is a bad pun.  I wouldn’t use it at Civil Religion, but I have less dignity here. After I wrote on Rob Bell and hell….which makes me ponder other bad puns about “hell’s bells”….anyway, after I put up that … Continue reading

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Holy Cow! I’ve Been Freshly Pressed!

It started like any other blogging day….I woke up to 14 site views, which is actually quite good for early morning.  A little while later I opened my email to see a series of messages like this:  “Please moderate:  When … Continue reading

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When Music Videos Ruled the World: Journey

In a Facebook discussion about some high school hijinks – yes, I did just use the word “hijinks”, thank you very much – one of my old friends mentioned the song “Open Arms”.  She dropped the title like a bomb, … Continue reading

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Come Thou Fount

Nobody does a hymn like Sufjan Stevens. Tonight I sat in my office and wrote out my spiritual story.  The first step in our version of the discernment process is to be granted a local minister’s license by the church … Continue reading

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Five Good Things About Friday

1.  Radiohead released a new album today. 2.  The first disc of Dr. Who featuring the 11th Doctor arrived in the mail today. 3.  I finally found a course of study for ordination that I think will work for me. … Continue reading

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My Year in Review (Everything Except Movies)

Thoughts on a year of books, TV, music and sundries Well, that was my intention, anyway.  I find myself in the middle of debris cleanup, and it’s left me too exhausted for clever remarks about the things I enjoyed this … Continue reading

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